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Over 20 Tesla Model 3 Trial Production Units Spotted in Gigafactory 3

20-Tesla-Model 3-spotted-Gigafactory 3

More than 20 trial production Model 3 units were spotted on Tesla Gigafactory 3’s lot recently by drone operator and Jason Yang. Workers at the Shanghai factory seem to be preparing to ramp up production to meet Tesla’s sooner-than-expected delivery date for the vehicle.

Gigafactory 3 Phase 1 was just finished in late September. A sighting of what seemed to be a trial production Model 3 was captured on video by fellow drone operator WuWa Vision on October 21. Some were skeptical about the first sighting, but given the more recent sightings of the Model 3 at Giga 3, Wuwa Vision may have really spotted the very first China-made Model 3.

By October 25, Jason Yang posted a video that revealed about ten or more Tesla Model 3 sedans parked between Phase 1 and 2, or near Jiazhen Road, which is believed to be the Tesla test track. By October 31, more than 20 Tesla sedans were spotted on the site.

It seems like Tesla China has been burning the midnight oil as it ramps construction on its battery facility and the rest of the area surrounding Phase 1 of GF3. Yang’s videos reveal that the Jiazhen road and the ones surrounding it have already been cleaned of debris or dust, and painted as well. It looks more like an actual road than a dirt path now.


Credit: Jason Yang/YouTube

Tesla charging stations and what appeared to be Powerpacks have been spotted near the parking lot for the early production Model 3’s, too. The all-electric car maker seems to be fitting Giga 3 with everything it needs to run comprehensive tests on the China-made Model 3 cars.

Just last week, The vice president of Tesla Global in China, Grace Tao, surprised investors and Tesla enthusiasts with news about Gigafactory 3. She boldly stated the Shanghai factory will produce 3,000 Model 3 units per week. Her prediction is well above previous estimates and will be quite an accomplishment for Tesla if met.

Tesla is still waiting for China to issue Gigafactory 3 a sales certification at the moment. However, the company has already released an announcement revealing when Model 3 deliveries will begin in China. The release date is another bombshell Tesla China has dropped.

China has been fully supportive of Tesla since the Chinese government backed the all-electric automaker. Gigafactory 3 Phase 1was completed 2 months before Elon Musk’s deadline, and Phase 2 seems to be following a similar path.

If Phase 2 is completed sooner, it will make Model 3 assembly faster. If that happens, China may be able to meet its 3,000 per week production estimates and deliver the Model 3 on time, too.


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