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Breaking: Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai Soon Achieves 12K Monthly Production, Number Will Gradually Rise

Breaking: Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai Soon Achieves 12K Monthly Production, Number Will Gradually Rise



On February 22, a Tesla China job fair was held. Job opening positions for Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai are Plant System Support Engineer, IT MFG Support Engineer, IT Hotline Support Engineer, Desktop Operations Engineer, NOC Support Engineer and others. Few days ago, the Gigafactory began construction to widen the road for increasing traffic of people, vehicles, and materials. Around February 10, several Tesla upstream suppliers in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area have also resumed work.


Sun Xiaohe, Chief of the High-tech Industry and Technology Innovation Division of the Management Committee of Lingang New Area said, "Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai is expecting to achieve 12,000 monthly production rate soon, and the number will gradually rise."



In Lingang Blue Bay Future City, not far west of the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai, Shanghai Lingang Joyson Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. has resumed production. General Manager Xiao Xiaohua told reporters that the company supplies steering wheels, airbags and other components to the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory for China-Made Model 3. At present, the resumption rate has reached 60%, and the production capacity has recovered more than 50%.


In the same area, SAS Shanghai also resumed work on February 12 to supply continuous cockpit modules to the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai.
"Our company mainly assembles components such as display screens, dashboards, air conditioners, etc., and develops the basic system for the module systemstructure." General Manager Xu Guojun said, "We entrusted a labor service company to recruit nearly 20 new people. The total number of returning workers has reached 70% of the original, and production capacity has been restored by 60%."

In recent days, another couple job fairs for Tesla Giga Shanghai have been held in full swing, mainly recruiting employees in the quality, logistics and painting workshops that are urgently needed in the production line.


As of February 22, there is Zero case of Coronavirus in Shanghai Lingang.

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