Canada's Love For Tesla Elon Musk, Answers For Sustainable Battery Materials?

by Eva Fox July 27, 2020

Canada's Love For Tesla Elon Musk, Answers For Sustainable Battery Materials?

Article is contributed by our good friend Tomislav Simic

Living in Canada for a very brief time, in his college years, Elon migrated to the USA. Leaving Pennsylvania behind for the glory of the Silicon Valley, he showed little interest in going back to Canada. However, Canadian mining companies have been wooing over Elon ever since Tesla and SpaceX showed their astronomical future potential.

Since Elon shows little to no interest to standard wooing tactics for the commercialized world we got to know in the past, the meme lord requires innovative tactics.

One such attempt was made by Eric Desaulniers, the CEO of Nouveau Monde Graphite, in his whimsical youtube video that seems to have fallen through the cracks of the social media.

Zero-emission mining is the key to Elon's request for more raw materials needed for the EV revolution he's spearheading.
Today, Canada Nickle Company announced its subsidiary NetZero Metals and with it, the new trademark names: NetZero NickelTM, NetZero CobaltTM, and NetZero IronTM.

The new trademark names are very revealing since they are raw materials used for upcoming and existing battery production. Elon has admitted over time that obvious obstacles, in mass production, are the bottlenecks, and battery production is a major one.

Coupled with Mark Selby's, Chair & CEO of Canada Nickel quote: "The electric vehicle industry and many other consumer sectors needs zero-carbon metal this decade...", it's pretty obvious who is being targeted as a potential customer since Tesla is the obvious leader in the EV world's mass production.
Elon listed raw material travel, from excavation point to the end product, as being one of the largest areas of improvement in cost-cutting efforts that are needed to bring the price of Tesla vehicles even further down.

Tesla is known for its price cuts, which have been largely criticized by the company's "Master Plan Deux" disbelievers. Contrary to the disbelievers and naysayers, the company has followed and executed the Master Plan Deux exceptionally well. The sheer count of achievements this year from showing profits for a full year, for the first time ever, continuous expansion in the USA and abroad, and all that under extreme circumstances of the global pandemic, while still continuing to cut the price of the Model Y, shows Tesla's true potential.
Whether Elon bites on this will depend on more than just eco-friendly mining or locale, but on the cost, since the savings will have to reflect in vehicle's price cost for the end consumer. Staying true to Tesla's customer base is the ultimate 'must' since Tesla doesn't advertise but relies on word of the mouth sales approach and product's quality that may not be compromised for the sake of much-needed margin.
P.S.: Elon, stay true to the plan. It works!


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