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Tesla Model 3 Spotted on Car Carriers in Gigafactory 3 Premises Ahead of China Deliveries

Tesla Model 3 Spotted on Car Carriers in Gigafactory 3 Premises Ahead of China Deliveries

Tesla Model 3 units were spotted in car carrier trucks around Gigafactory 3's premises, just a day after Tesla China received the green light from the local government to sell and deliver its all-electric sedan to the local market. Based on recent events, Tesla China seems poised to enter the new year on a positive note.

Tesla owner-enthusiast Jay in Shanghai recently spotted multiple Model 3 units in a car carrier. According to the Tesla enthusiast, the Tesla sedans he saw were being transported to delivery centers throughout China. It should be noted that sightings of car carrier trucks loaded with Model 3s also preceded the first customer deliveries of the vehicle in the United States. 

Tesla China recently received the green light to sell and deliver Model 3 units made in Gigafactory 3. The MIC Model 3 also received government incentives. Now those units are being shipped out to delivery centers. 

With that information in mind, MIC Model 3 owners may want to prepare for their deliveries—although nothing has been officially announced by Tesla China or the company’s US branch yet. However, several clues from previous information shared by Tesla China indicate that MIC Model 3 deliveries could start soon.

Tesla China first officially announced a tentative release period for the MIC Model 3 in late October. According to the announcement, Model 3 deliveries were expected to happen by Q1 2020, which would span January to March of next year.

In early November, Tesla owner-enthusiast @Ray4Tesla shared that multiple MIC Model 3 reservation holders were informed by Tesla China to prepare for deliveries. Also, reservation holders who planned to import their Model 3 units were told to get the locally-made Tesla sedan instead, probably due to the latter’s earlier delivery date.

Jay in Shanghai’s sighting of Model 3 units being transported to delivery centers, sort of validates @Ray4Tesla’s information. It seems that Tesla’s Shanghai factory is operational and is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Tesla’s MIC Model 3 also qualified for government incentives recently, which is expected to take effect by December 25, 2019, according to a source close to the matter. So Tesla China might be getting ready to deliver the sedans to their awaiting owners right after the incentives take effect.

MIC Tesla Model 3 deliveries could happen right after or just before New Year's Day, kicking off 2020 on a positive note for Tesla and reservation holders in China. As such, Tesla’s Shanghai headquarters could set the pace for the company as a whole for 2020.

Featured Image Credit: Jay in Shanghai/Twitter

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