Tesla CyberTruck Differences After Minor Changes

Tesla CyberTruck Differences After Minor Changes

Tesla Cybertruck is the brightest electric car of all existing today. This is not just a car with a stunning appearance, but also a tank that is designed to solve many of the requirements set by its owners

We already know that due to its characteristics, Cybertruck is the most productive pickup truck, but Tesla does not cease to amaze us with new details about it. A well-known fact is that, people who like active leisure activities buy a pickup trucks because they can ride on dirt roads, on rocks, grass, and on streams.

When it comes to water and an electric car, an ordinary person will tell you right away that these are incompatible things. But those who are familiar with Tesla know that the company’s cars have repeatedly proved their safe performance when their owners were forced to cross roads completely flooded with water. But it is worth noting that although the electric vehicles of the California automaker are able to drive through the water, this is still not recommended.

Yesterday, a man who enjoys fishing and hunting, tweeted to Tesla CEO Elon Musk with a question about whether Cybertruck could safely cross streams. Musk's answer surprised. It turns out that in addition to the fact that the company's pickup truck will be able to cross streams, it will also have the ability to float for a while.

In addition to details about Cybertruck’s exciting new features, Musk has also mentioned some refinements to the Cybertruck’s design. Unlike the prototype that was presented in November, the size of Cybertruck for the mass market will be 3% smaller, center line is more level and lower window sill height. This will allow the vehicle to be more suitable for a standard American garage and more suitable for European roads and parking lots.

It should be noted that reducing the size of Cybertruck will not have a significant impact on the size of the interior, which will be only 1.5% less, which still leaves it very roomy.

Cybertruck will undoubtedly be something incredible. He has already raised a big shake to all existing pickup truck manufacturers, although production has not yet begun. That is why, after it starts, Cybertruck will be the beginning of the end for manufacturers of gasoline and diesel pickups.

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