Elon Musk Says The Cybertruck Will Come Before The Roadster On Joe Rogan's Podcast


Tesla Cybertruck will probably come out before the Roadster, Elon Musk said during Joe Rogan's latest podcast. Over the two-hour conversation with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk only mentioned Tesla in the last couple of minutes.

Just when Musk was about to wrap up the interview, Rogan brought up Tesla, and a flood of information came up about the company. The first time Tesla came up during the interview was when Rogan asked about the Roadster. "When am I going to be able to buy one of those Roadsters," he asked Musk.

Elon Musk admitted that the pandemic had set Tesla back on the Roadster's progress for a "number of months." Speaking as Tesla's CEO, Musk started listing the company's ongoing projects, including ramping Model Y production, constructing Giga Berlin, and expanding Giga Shanghai. Then there were the production lines for Tesla's next all-electric vehicles.

"The Roadster is kinda like dessert," he said, after enumerating that Tesla also needed to start working on getting the Semi and Cybertruck into production. "So, we got to get the meat and potatoes and greens and stuff," he said. When Rogan asked him if the Roadster would come before the Cybertruck, Elon Musk said: "I mean, I think we should do Cybertruck first."

He explained that the Model S' Plaid Powertrain was one of the essential ingredients for the Roadster, so it would need to come first. Musk had hinted in the past that Tesla could release a Plaid Cybertruck as well, but he didn't mention it during the interview. Musk did say that another ingredient for the Roadster would be a more advanced battery pack.

Tesla Battery Day is expected to take place this month. It might reveal more details about the Plaid Model S and probably even the Roadster. Tesla will need to increase its battery capacity to produce the next line of vehicles in its fleet. Tesla's advancements in battery tech will probably define the success of the Semi, Cybertruck, and the Roadster.

Overall, The Tesla CEO seemed to have a pleasant time with Rogan. Musk talked about the significance of the Maker Movement, Neuralink's iterations, and gave some small updates on his life--including the birth of his son with Grimes.

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