Elon Musk Confirms That Matte Black Tesla Cybertruck Is Coming


Elon Musk might release a matte black version of his revolutionary Cybertruck. Tesla’s pickup has been getting some tough love since its unveiling. The CYBRTRK’s futuristic unconventional design may just be too next-gen for some people’s tastes. But maybe people just need to look at it a different way, like Musk did with an average-looking pickup truck.

Content creator @SfwanAhmedMia released a matte black render of Tesla’s Cybertruck and pitched the idea to its creator Elon Musk via Twitter. Tesla’s CEO replied with a simple, “Sure.” Musk seems open to the idea of a matte black Cybertruck, and it could be an option for buyers in the future.

When the Cybertruck was first unveiled, there were mixed reactions to its unconventional never-before-seen design. Elon Musk had promised a Blade Runner-inspired vehicle, and he absolutely delivered it with the CYBRTRK. Upon closer inspection, one can see how Musk’s pickup was inspired by 80’s cars, like the DeLorean from Back to the Future and Lotus Esprit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me.

In fact, the DeLorean and the Lotus Esprit S1 were showcased during the Cybertruck’s unveiling event. People who were lucky enough to get an invite took pictures with the legendary Hollywood sports cars before Elon Musk took center stage.

The museum of futuristic cars at the unveiling were major hints about the Cybertruck’s design, yet people were still shocked to see the origami-like design of the vehicle. On top of its never-before-seen shape, the Cybertruck was not painted.

Needless to say, some people didn’t take to the Cybertruck’s look. The unique shape and brushed stainless steel exterior of Tesla’s pickup truck were the main reasons for its polarized opinions. However, people like @SfwanAhmedMia have released renders that show the CYBRTRK in a different light. Some Tesla-enthusiasts in China have started coming up with unique ideas for the Cybertruck as well.

Most of the renders feature the Cybertruck in a different color or with added accents. No changes were made to its overall shape or construction. Still, @SfwanAhmedMia and China’s renders have received positive feedback via Twitter, indicating that maybe people just didn’t like the Cybertruck’s plain stainless steel exterior.

However, Tesla may have accounted for its customers' diverse tastes before unveiling the Cybertruck. The next-gen pickup truck was built like a blank canvas, perfect of car-lovers who love to play with their vehicles’ looks. That much is evident by renders already popping up of the Cybertruck. By making its exterior simple, Elon Musk gave CYBTRK owners a chance to put their own twist on Tesla's all-electric pickup truck.

Featured Image Credit: Satoshi Peasant/Twitter

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