First Tesla Model 3 to Journey to Mount Everest from Shenzhen China in Total of 5500km

First Tesla Model 3 to Journey to Mount Everest from Shenzhen China in Total of 5500km

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There are many stories that prove that Tesla vehicles are excellent for long-distance traveling. While many people still believe it’s too hard to charge an electric car on such trips, the reality shows that this fear and prejudice is unwarranted.

A traveler from China made a breathtaking journey, in which he climbed Mount Everest with his Tesla Model 3 AWD Long Range. The traveler successfully covered 5,500 kilometers (3,418 miles) on Highway 318: Shenzhen-Chengdu-Lhasa-Mount Everest.

Source: Tesla China

In the last village before the Everest base camp, there is a border checkpoint. There are still 30 km (18.6 miles) from it to the camp, but combustion engine vehicles can no longer continue their journey. Further travel can be continued only by environmentally friendly transport. Since the Tesla Model 3 meets these requirements, the traveler was able to drive to base camp.

Source: Tesla China

All the way to Everest, charging was not a problem. The power reserve of the car was enough to drive in the daytime. And overnight, the traveler stayed at hotels with charging points, for a full recharge on his Model 3. Furthermore, the development of fast charging points is now underway, which in the future should further expand the possibilities of those who travel by EV.

Source: Tesla China

Tesla Model 3 also regenerates its own energy via braking while descending, so the energy consumption in the mountains is low. It should be noted that thanks to such energy recuperation, Model 3 had a greater than usual range. In this journey, regeneration added 55 miles to the electric vehicle's range.


Teslas are reliable vehicles that offer owners complete freedom of movement. The charging infrastructure continues to expand and will soon be available in every corner of the world. This journey proved Tesla's reliability and showed that electric vehicles can travel to places where the road is closed to vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

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