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Tesla Giga Berlin Presses On: Foundation Work Starts for Giga Press Machines

Tesla Giga Berlin Presses On: Foundation Work Starts for Giga Press Machines

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The construction of Tesla Giga Berlin is progressing at a consistently rapid pace. Currently, there is a great focus on Casting. This building is anticipated to house eight giant casting machines—the so-called Giga Press—for the manufacturing of Model Y. 

The installation of footings for Casting is already complete and construction has moved on to the next phase. Now the installation of reinforced screed has begun.

Source: @tobilindh/Twitter

The main purpose of reinforcement within screeds is to control shrinkage, curling, and cracking, which often appear during the process of drying, and give sub-floors extra toughness for greater resistance to impact. When a crack occurs, the reinforcement deflects the stress, slowing down crack propagation to minimize its width and spread.

Reinforcement mesh is used in cementitious screeds to deflect intrinsic stresses, which may lead to cracking during the drying stage, and in applications designed to endure heavy loads. This serious degree of foundational support is necessary for the Giga Presses.

According to the revised application submitted by Tesla in early July, the company will install eight Giga Press machines for the Model Y's underbody castings.

Giga Presses are a series of aluminum die casting machines manufactured by Idra Group in Italy. They are notable for being the largest high-pressure die casting machines in the world, with a clamping force of 5,600 to 6,200 tonnes-force (55,000 to 61,000 kN). 6,100-tonne-force (60,000 kN) die casting machines were ordered for Giga Berlin.

In addition to significant progress in the installation of the foundations, the installation of pillars has begun for Casting. They were partially installed on the north, south, and west sides.

Source: @tobilindh/Twitter


The pace of construction at Giga Berlin continues to stun, as a facility of this scale is being built in record time. In a few months, residents of Europe and other regions will have the opportunity to order a unique Model Y, because the technologies that will be used in its production will be used for the first time at Giga Berlin.


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