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Tesla Giga Berlin - End of July Construction Update

Tesla Giga Berlin - End of July Construction Update

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In Germany, one of the biggest European markets, construction of the Giga Berlin continues to gain momentum. As the automaker builds new factories, it continues to iterate on the factory and product design to improve efficiency, cost and technology. Tesla is continually making further structural improvements based on experience gained from prior factories.

Construction of Giga Berlin continues at an accelerated pace and aspects of the factory are already starting to take shape. Recently, the installation of walls and a roof on the paint shop began, and today we see its first outlines.

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All columns were installed for the Drive Unit building. The progress went even further: the installation of walls and roof structures began on the building. The company uses prefabricated parts to construct the shell and partitions of the building, facilitating quicker building.

Source: @gigafactory_4 / Twitter

Columns are gradually being installed in the Body in White building. The speedy construction is made possible by the fact that building materials are quickly delivered to the site, two cement mixing plants quickly produce one of the most essential materials for building, and the building process is highly organized.

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Source: Tesla | Tesmanian

In general, the construction speed of Giga Berlin continues to outstrip the construction speed of Giga Shanghai at the moment. Tesla makes wise use of the experience gained from building its factory in China.

Source: @tobilindh / Twitter

Tesla always strives for excellence. During the Q2 2020 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that Giga Berlin will be equipped with high-tech robots that will build cars with a new fundamental architecture.

"Well, we bring a massive amount of effort into manufacturing engineering, the machine that makes the machine. There's probably 1,000%, maybe 10,000% more engineering required for the factory then for the product itself. So we're certainly making progress.

We're getting way better at making cars. You can see that in Giga Shanghai. You'll see that even more with Berlin. And we're really changing the design of the car in order to make it more manufacturable. The fundamental architecture of Model Y will be different in Berlin, it may look the same, but the internals will be quite different and fundamentally more efficient architecturally than what we've done to date."

Production is slated to begin mid-2021 and Tesla's potential customers are now eagerly awaiting made in Germany Model Y's entry into the market.

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