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Tesla Plans to Spend About €1 Billion For The Construction Of Giga Berlin

Tesla Plans to Spend About €1 Billion For The Construction Of Giga Berlin

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On June 2, Tesla published updated documents for Giga Berlin. The company plans to set a construction cost of around €1.065 billion for its first plant in Europe. Documents show that the previous plan received many changes.

Just six months ago, Tesla applied for the construction of the factory in Grünheide, and today the company has submitted completely revised documents. Over the past period, Tesla proved that it is extremely flexible, not only in their own interests, but also in the interests of the entire region, and capable of learning.

The project mainly includes the construction and operation of the Model Y assembly building with an estimated annual production of 500,000 electric vehicles. At the moment, the investment amount for the construction of Giga Berlin is €1,065 billion.

The plant will have the following facilities:

  • press shop
  • foundry
  • body shop
  • paint shop
  • seat fabrication
  • drive assembly and
  • final assembly.
  • In addition, some other designs are provided:
  • sewage treatment plant
  • supply and disposal system
  • substation
  • Central tank farm
  • hazardous materials warehouse
  • logistics area
  • test site
  • the factory fire brigade, and
  • parking for employees.

Project application documents have been modified in the current approval process and need to be reinterpreted.

Optimization of the plant layout leads to the following changes:

  • organization of capacities in the production building "mirror"
  • reducing the height of the production building from 24 meters to 15.2 meters (except for the paint shop and the press shop [stamping])
  • foundry (casting) capacity increase
  • plastics production not applicable!
  • battery manufacturing (rechargeable battery) not applicable!
  • relocation of drive unit production to a separate building
  • moving the supply and disposal system (Central Municipal Utilities) and wastewater treatment to the east, next to the main building
  • reduced water consumption and wastewater generation
  • construction of a substation (switchboard).
  • construction of fire and hazardous cargo storage buildings
  • change in rail connection and, as a result, change in traffic indicators
  • change of foundation (pile foundation)
  • made adjustments to raw materials, waste, air pollutants, odor, and noise
  • an increase in the total area of ​​forest conversion from 154.54 ha to 193.27 ha. (Phase 1 is about 92 ha, Phase 1b is about 63 ha and Phase 1c is about 39 ha)

Construction is expected to end before March 2021. Commissioning of the plant is scheduled for July 2021. Giga Berlin should work in 3 shifts, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The noise forecast shows that 2100 employees will work in one shift.

The location of the planned system parts is shown in the following figure.

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