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Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Impressive Progress, Moving Toward Next Level Construction

Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Impressive Progress, Moving Toward Next Level Construction

Preparations for the construction of Giga Berlin are proceeding rapidly. The first part of the clearing of the planned Tesla factory in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) near Berlin is almost completed. 90 hectares of industrial forest have been removed and now is the time to clean the area from the roots.

In addition to cleaning the area from the roots, excavators continue to dig trenches for electrification. Several Tesla enthusiasts constantly monitor progress in the territory of the future factory and share photos with us.

Source: @Gf4Tesla

The site electrification could be an indication of how soon work on Tesla's actual EV plant will begin or at least how close the ground-breaking day is for Giga Berlin.

According to Arne Christiani, Mayor of Grünheide, the ground-breaking ceremony may take place in late March. The earliest possible approval date will be March 19, because March 18 will be a mandatory discussion of the objections that citizens can raise against the Gigafactory before March 5. And Christiani suggests that this will actually happen very quickly after that.

Teslamag conducted a survey of residents of Grünheide and Freienbrink in order to find out their mood. According to the information they provided, the mood regarding the planned factory was almost completely positive.

Some residents are glad that Grünheide can finally grow, this applies not only to the economy, but also to infrastructure and culture. Many residents don't understand the demonstrations against the plant. “There is always new planting and deforestation,” they say.

“Nobody protested for the Gangelsberg wind farm [near Grünheide], where the territory was also cleared,” some people say. The same applies to the business park north of Freienbrink, which borders the Tesla section, or European gas pipeline link (EUGAL), east of Grünheide.

Many people are happy to see Tesla and say, “Maybe we can get out of the forest here.” The last bus to the city of Ekner leaves at 6:45 pm, which makes it difficult for residents of the villages to communicate with the outside world.

Tesla made almost unbelievable, by German standards. For the first time, an enterprise was so quick to begin construction in Germany. This creates a good precedent and now other companies will be more positive about continuing their development here.


Featured image: Tesla Kid Grünheide/Twitter

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