Tesla Model 3 All Variants Sold Out In Most European Countries For Q1 2020

Tesla Model 3 All Variants Sold Out In Most European Countries For Q1 2020

Tesla delighted us with excellent sales and deliveries of its cars around the world, three consecutive quarters in 2019. Last year, in European countries there was a record number of car registrations of the American automaker, the bulk of which was Model 3.

It was expected that the Q1 2020 should have become less crowded with new registrations. These expectations are due to the fact that some European countries have stopped giving subsidies for the purchase of electric cars. And at the moment, indeed, we see that the number of new registrations is not high.

While some countries rolled back subsidies for the purchase of new EVs, other countries, on the contrary, introduced subsidies. For example, on February 19, Germany announced new subsidies for the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles.

At the moment, several members of the Tesla community have noticed that in some countries Model 3, as of Q1 2020, is no longer possible to order. Any of the variants of this model will be delivered no earlier than May 2020.

We checked the information provided by these people and it turned out that in almost all European countries, Model 3 was sold out for the Q1 2020.

At the time of writing the article, the only countries in which it was still possible to buy and receive delivery of a car in the Q1 of 2020 were:

  1. Czech Republic - delivery is possible in April;
  2. Norway - delivery is possible in March;
  3. Switzerland - delivery is possible in March.

Despite the disappointing forecasts of some analysts, the Tesla Model 3 continues to be in demand among the European population.

European countries are increasingly tightening their CO2 emissions requirements. The UK plans to ban the purchase of gasoline and diesel cars until 2035. Other European countries are also heading for the transition of as much of the population of their countries as possible to environmentally friendly cars.

In this regard, the demand for EVs will only continue to grow over time. Tesla, as a company that is fully focused on the production of high-tech EVs, will be in great demand, which should ensure high sales figures for it.

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