NYC Mayor Praises Tesla’s Elon Musk Produces & Donates Hundreds of Ventilators Rapidly

NYC Mayor Praises Tesla’s Elon Musk Produces & Donates Hundreds of Ventilators Rapidly

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio praised Tesla CEO Elon Musk for donating hundreds of ventilators to New York and the state, including state hospitals. Musk arranged the delivery of ventilators to hospitals last night.

Musk reports that Tesla and SpaceX are working intensively to deliver ventilators directly to the intensive care units, where and when they are needed. He also shared that the main problem at the moment is logistics, routing, and paperwork. At the same time, the availability of ventilators is not a problem, there are many of them in warehouses.

Yesterday, the US reported more deaths from COVID-19 than ever before and surpassed China in confirmed infections. According to the latest data published by Johns Hopkins University, 85,755 people gave a positive result, and the situation in the US has become worse than in China and Italy.

New York is the most affected state, reporting nearly 39,000 infections and 466 deaths. That is why, ventilators are urgently needed there. It is extremely important to start the production of ventilators near the metropolis. Therefore, Tesla launches its production facilities at the Buffalo factory and begins their production.

Musk also said that all ventilators that they buy or produce will be given to the needs of medical facilities.

Other automakers, Ford and GM, also said they would start production of ventilators. That is why US President Donald Trump allowed their facilities to work. But despite the fact that 5 days have passed since the receipt of the permit, neither Ford nor GM began work on ventilators. The only automaker who quickly and effectively began to act, was Tesla.

In this regard, Trump today published an emotional tweet in which he shows that he is very dissatisfied with the work of automakers who have received permission to produce ventilators, but who have not yet begun to work in this direction.

Ventilators are needed urgently and right now, so they need to act extremely quickly, any delay can cost thousands or maybe tens of thousands of lives.

What we see now perfectly demonstrates that traditional automakers are not used to act quickly, introducing any innovations in the production process. Tesla and Musk once again proved that they can solve problems of any complexity quickly and efficiently, and first of all, the interests of those who need it will be taken into account.

Twitter user wrote:

In a critical situation, Tesla and SpaceX demonstrate a cohesive, thoughtful and coordinated work whose goal is to help people.

The Tesmanian team calls on everyone to observe quarantine, to isolate themselves and to exclude any contacts with other people. These measures will reduce the spread of the disease, which is now the main one. In conditions of a large influx of sick people into hospitals, medical staff cannot cope with the work and can not provide the necessary help.

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