Rumor: Tesla Giga Shanghai to Start Exporting Vehicles to Other Countries

Rumor: Tesla Giga Shanghai to Start Exporting Vehicles to Other Countries

According to people familiar with the matter, Tesla China plans to ship the Model 3 produced by Gigafactory Shanghai to other markets in Asia and Europe. The Chinese-made Tesla Model 3 intended to be delivered abroad may begin mass production in the fourth quarter.

The target markets include Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. At present, customers in these regions have longer wait times for Tesla deliveries from California.

And while faster deliveries are good for customer satisfaction, there is also a great benefit here for Tesla. Its Fremont, California plant can now free up precious production, which would otherwise be dedicated to making right hand drive vehicles for European countries and Australia.

With Model Y’s increasing popularity, as well as a forthcoming rear-wheel drive long range version, Fremont can use as much production as it can get. It is reported that this plan may start at the end of this year or early next year.






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