Rumor: Tesla Semi Production Could Start July, Target of 2,500 Builds by End of Year, 10K in 2022

Rumor: Tesla Semi Production Could Start July, Target of 2,500 Builds by End of Year, 10K in 2022

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Tesla Semi is a hot topic, especially fueled by the recently spotted new prototype that had a number of differences from the earlier units. An electric truck with autonomous driving technology has the potential to change the trucking industry once and for all, so its entry into the market is hotly anticipated by many companies.

In the last month, we started to receive more news about the production of the Semi due to information leaks within the company, and thanks to Tesla opening recruitment for positions related to the production of the truck in Giga Nevada. Now, Sawyer Merritt/Twitter exclusively has released even more hot details.

Sawyer said that over the course of several weeks, he has been in contact with a source from a U.S Tesla supplier who is supplying certain parts for Models S, X, 3, and Y. According to the information received, this supplier has begun working on Semi-related parts in Q4 2020. The source said that the body of Semi will be built in Fremont, California, but the final assembly will take place at Giga Nevada in 2021, and ultimately at Giga Texas in 2022. Whether final assembly will take place in both Nevada and Texas or ultimately just switch to Giga Texas when the plant is ready remains unclear at this point.

The ‘RC assembly’ will begin in May 2021. This is probably talking about when the Semi will begin to produce on a conveyor (Roller Conveyor). Per the supplier, Pilot production is expected to start in July 2021 with production starting in August 2021. 350 cumulative builds are therefore projected to be accumulated by August 2021. Here are 2021 and 2022 volume projections, per the supplier’s information:

Volume Projections:

• 100 / week by end of 2021
• 500 / week by end of 2022

Total builds projection:

2021: 2,500
2022: 10,000
2023: 25,000
2024: 25,000

The production of the sleeper cab version, the exterior prototype of which may have been spotted a few days ago, is scheduled for the middle of 2021. The start of production for European countries is scheduled for 2023. However, all the timing and quantity should be considered carefully, as it is just information, which may not reflect all reality and may change due to Tesla's plans and capabilities. Also, these numbers reflect information only for the supplier that Sawyer contacted, but Tesla may use multiple suppliers for the same part, which can also affect the quantities.

Hours later, Sawyer made some revisions to his earlier tweet:

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