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Tesla Supercharger V3 Installations Ramp In Europe Before Giga Berlin Phase 1 Completion

April 01, 2020 0 Comments

Tesla’s move to ramp V3 Supercharger installations in Europe could be a good one since more of its all-electric vehicles will be poised to hit European roads after Giga Berlin Phase 1 is complete. 
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Tesla to Pay Only 40.91 Million Euros for Gigafactory 4 Land

January 08, 2020 0 Comments

Tesla may have to pay only 40 million euros for the Gigafactory 4 forest. Brandenburg officials signed the purchase contract for Gigafactory 4 in late December, close to Christmas eve, but finalization of the agreement is still pending. 
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Collapse in petrol car sales in 2019 in Norway

January 03, 2020 0 Comments

Fully electric cars made up 42.4% of sales in the Nordic country last year, a global record, rising from a 31.2% market share in 2018 and just 5.5% in 2013, the Norwegian Road Federation said.
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Tesla Model 3 Tops EV Registrations in the Netherlands

November 25, 2019 0 Comments

Model 3 license registrations have topped the charts in the Netherlands—again. The new numbers—posted on November 23—indicates that Tesla is leading the EV market in the Dutch fleet by a significant lead. Its enormous lead can only mean that there is demand for the Model 3 in the Netherlands, despite what some analysts might say.
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Tesla Searching for Country Manager for Israeli Market

November 11, 2019 0 Comments

Tesla has plans to enter the Israel auto market. A job listing revealed that the Elon Musk-led company was looking for a country manager to head operations in Israel.
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