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Tesla Powerpack Batteries Used As Shared Energy Storage Units in Australia

February 12, 2020 0 Comments

With many homes in the area already equipped with solar panels, an Australian community has opted to tap into T Powerpacks as a virtual energy storage unit, allowing homeowners to store power that they generate from their solar systems for later use.
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Tesla Powerwall Battery Wins Japan's Smart Energy Excellence Award

November 28, 2019 0 Comments

Tesla's home battery unit wins accolades in Japan for its cost and innovations.
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Tesla's 2% Complete Virtual Power Plant Rescues Grid After Coal Peaker Plant Failure

November 20, 2019 0 Comments

Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) saved the grid last month when a coal-fueled peaker plant in South Australia failed to provide electricity. The latest success of SA’s VPP may have been the extra push it needed for Phase III to begin. 
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Tesla's Giant Powerpack Farm in South Australia Confirmed for 50% Expansion

November 19, 2019 0 Comments

Tesla's Big Battery in South Australia is going to get 50 percent bigger.
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Tesla Powerpack in Japan

November 06, 2019 0 Comments

The Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) unveiled the Tesla Powerpack lithium-ion battery pack at the Shirai Data Center Campus, Chiba, Japan
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