Tesla Advanced Tech Helps Police Catch Criminals

Tesla Advanced Tech Helps Police Catch Criminals
Tesla, like any other car, can be stolen, but unlike other cars, it will be much easier to track it. Thanks to information from the Tesla app, the police managed to quickly catch the thief who stole Model 3, threatening the owners with a gun.

On March 7, Dallas, Texas, USA, BattleTram / Twitterand his wife became victims of a car theft. The hijacker was a 16-year-old guy who will now go to jail.

BattleTram's wife drove her husband home, after a small operation on the spine, he was still under the influence of anesthesia, so he could not move confidently. They stopped near the post office in order to send the parcel. While BattleTram's wife putting the label on the packages in the trunk, a guy in a dark hoodie, full-face mask and with a big black gun approached her. He said "Gimme the keys," threatening with a gun.

The woman had to spend some time in order to explain to the criminal that Tesla doesn't need a key, but a card. After that, he grabbed her wallet and got into the car. The hijacker pointed the gun at the head of BattleTram and ordered him to leave the vehicle. Due to the difficult state of health after anesthesia, the car owner could not respond quickly, so after his wife told him again to leave the car, he hardly left the car.

BattleTram was able to take a photo his car when the offender stepped out to close the passenger and trunk doors.

The car owners immediately went to the post office and called 911. It turned out that the robbery in the post office was federal jurisdiction, so they called the postal police. The feds told them that the Dallas PD would most likely not be able to do anything. But, at that time, they didn't know that all Tesla owners have a secret weapon - the Tesla app.

After about 15 minutes, Dallas PD appeared and asked a few questions. BattleTram showed them the location of the car in the app. It turned out that it was parked in the local McDonald's. The police found out that there was a plainclothes policeman.

After the policeman tried to stop the thief, the offender rammed the police car and tried to escape. The speed of Model 3 was 102 mph, but the best screenshot was taken when the speed was 96 mph.

BattleTram, using the Tesla application, helped the police track the stolen car until the thief crashed into a tree, after which he had to drop the car and run away on foot.

By that time, a police helicopter joined the pursuit. Thanks to this, another police patrol, after a short fist fight, arrested the hijacker.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that the offender crashed several times while being in Tesla Model 3, he was absolutely not injured. Car safety was at the highest level, although judging by the photos, the car took a few very strong hits.

According to owners, the car cannot be repaired, but it was insured, so the family is going to order another Model 3 and is now determining the color for the new vehicle.

Thanks to the Tesla app, the police were able to quickly track down and catch the criminal, which is an excellent indicator that the automaker is thinking about how to make using its cars even more convenient.

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