Tesla Autopilot & FSD Shows Massive Improvement In the UK [Video]


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Tesla Autopilot and the company's Full Self-Driving systems have shown massive improvements in the UK, based on the latest video of a Model 3 owner in the country. Tesla Driver performed what he called an extreme Autopilot test that showed FSD’s Navigate on Autopilot completing a roundabout with perfection. 

According to the Model 3 Performance owner, his car has Hardware 3.0 with FSD and downloaded version 2020.16.3. According to Tesla Driver, the UK has not received the Autopilot update with the traffic light and stop sign feature yet. 

In his video, Tesla Driver turned on Navigate on Autopilot—an FSD feature—at the beginning of his journey toward a Tesla Supercharger. The first task his Model 3 tried to perform was a lane change, which it did well until the end. Tesla Driver said that his car felt like it lurched over towards the end of the task. He explained that his car also lurches when going on on-ramps. 

During the drive, the Model 3 Performance also preconditioned the battery to charge at the Tesla Supercharger. It managed to adjust its speed relative to cars beside it and perform more lane changes with relative ease. 

Navigate on Autopilot turned off after taking an exit with relative ease, with the Model 3 slowing down before taking the exit. As the journey continued, the Model 3 completed a full roundabout and was able to exit it without help except for turning on the right signal. 

Tesla Driver’s Autopilot test showed how much the EV automaker’s driver-assist system and Full Self-Driving package has improved in the UK. Regulatory approval for a number of FSD features is still pending in the UK and the rest of Europe. The UK seems to be one of the frontrunners in terms of introducing legislation and regulations about autonomous vehicles. According to E&T, The Automated and Electric Vehicles Act (AEV Act) received Royal Assent in July 2018. 

The Law Commission has been reviewing the AEV Act since, but the UK government has not remained idle. It set up the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. Autonomous vehicle tests have been conducted and are on-going in a few cities in the UK, including London and Coventry as well. 

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