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Tesla Autopilot Will Automatically Stop For Red Lights In Next Software Update


Tesla Autopilot will automatically stop for red lights and stops signs in the next over-the-air software update. One lucky Tesla owner received early access to the upcoming Autopilot feature recently. Tesla Autopilot’s latest feature hints that some new capabilities will be introduced in the next update that could bring the EV automaker’s vehicles closer to a feature-complete Full Self-Driving suite. 

Electric vehicle enthusiast @Out_of_Spec was the lucky Tesla owner who received early access to Autopilot’s new feature. The EV enthusiast shared a video of his/her Tesla automatically stopping for a red traffic light while Autopilot was engaged. @Out_of_Spec also confirmed that his/her Tesla also halted for stop signs. 

Third Row Podcast shared the information on its own Twitter account as well, along with @Out_of_Spec’s video. Elon Musk commented on Third Row’s tweet. He tweeted, “Stop! … In the name of love …” The Tesla CEO didn’t elaborate on his reply to Third Row’s tweet. 

Since the beginning of 2020, Tesla seems to have adopted a laser-focused attitude towards developing Autopilot’s AI and releasing its feature-complete Full Self-Driving suite. During the EV automakers 2019 Earnings Call, Musk said a feature-complete FSD suite could probably be ready for release by the end of this year. 

In February, Musk’s words seemed to ring true when he invited people to join the AI team at Tesla. “Tesla will soon have over a million connected vehicles worldwide with sensors & compute needed for full self-driving, which is orders of magnitude more than everyone else combined, giving you the best possible dataset to work with,” said Musk in his tweet. 

Teslas automatically stopping for red lights and stop signs is just one of the latest features that will be introduced in the next update. It’s highly unlikely that the EV automaker will only release one Autopilot feature in the upcoming update. 

The feature that @Out_of_Spec was able to get early access to is most probably just the tip of the iceberg. The next Tesla software update may be coming soon, given recent developments. So Tesla owners will have plenty to tinker with while at home.


The latest Autopilot feature has been enabled for the Models S, 3, and X in the United States. It seems that the Autopilot feature has already been released to the general public.

According to the release notes for the feature: "When TACC or Autosteer is activated, Traffic light and Stop Sign Control is designed to identify stop signs and traffic lights and automatically slow your car to a stop...

"When Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control is enabled, the driving visualization displays upcoming traffic lights, stop signs or road markings at intersections where the car may need to stop. As it approaches an intersection, even one where a traffic light is green, your car will  slow down and display a red line to indicate where the vehicle will stop. To continue through the stop line, pull the Autopilot stalk or briefly press the accelerator pedal to confirm that it is safe to proceed."
Featured Image Credit: @Out_of_Spec/Twitter



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