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Tesla China’s Preventative COVID-19 Measures Shows Focus On Customer Safety


Tesla China's preventative measures against the COVID-19 virus shows the electric car maker's intense focus on keeping its customers safe from potential health hazards. As revealed in a recent video of a Tesla showroom in China, the company is adopting several proactive strategies to keep its stores safe, from making sure that its vehicles are disinfected all the time to ensuring that visitors are not sick.

As could be seen in a short clip, visitors to Tesla China showrooms, after listing down their names, are required to have their hands sanitized. Visitors' temperatures are also actively checked, to make sure that those who enter the showroom do not exhibit any symptoms of the coronavirus. Inside the Tesla store, workers sanitize the display vehicles consistently, thereby ensuring that the cars are always as clean as possible.

These small strategies go a long way in emphasizing just how important public safety is for Tesla. The company has already returned to normal operations in its Giga Shanghai facility, and recent reports from the local electric car community suggest that vehicle deliveries for the China-made Model 3 are already ongoing. But for its showrooms across the country, Tesla's preventative measures against the COVID-19 virus inspire confidence. It does, if any, highlight the fact that Tesla cares for the country and its residents. This matters a lot.

Tesla's operations in China as a local automaker have only just begun. Mass MIC Model 3 production really only started in January, but the month was cut short by the Chinese New Year, and soon after, the coronavirus outbreak. Yet despite this, tallies of electric car sales from China still suggest that the MIC Model 3 was one of the country's best-selling vehicles in January, beating even popular locally-made EVs. Part of this is due to the sheer technological prowess imbibed in the Model 3, and part of this could very well be due to how effectively Tesla has integrated itself into the country.

Even before Giga Shanghai broke ground, Tesla has adopted a strategy in China that is extremely careful and respectful to the country's culture and long history. From custom cards sent to members of its mailing lists during local holidays such as the Dragon Boat Festival to physics reviewers shared with high school students who are about to take the nationwide "Gaokao" examination, Tesla has made serious efforts to ensure that it gets accepted by the local Chinese market.

This carried over during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus this year. As the virus spread, Tesla promptly rolled out a free Supercharging offer to its fleet of vehicles, allowing its customers to recharge their cars for free. Tesla even unlocked some of its vehicles that were bought with software-limited batteries. With this in mind, Tesla's efforts to keep its customers safe in its showrooms are in character for the electric car maker, and they are can very well pay off well in the long run. 


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