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Tesla China's Performance Driving School Invites Model 3 Community to Turn Their Daily Drivers into Track Weapons


Tesla China has sent out an open invitation for its Model 3 Performance Driving School, where owners can learn how to turn their all-electric sedans into legitimate, daily-driven track weapons. The all-electric automaker invited Model 3 owners to the track day event to learn the basics of racing their EVs on an actual racetrack. The school will help Model 3 owners by allowing them to be trained and taught by professional drivers, too.

Tesla’s Performance Driving School will be holding a one-day track event on November 24, 2019, at the Beijing Ruisi Circuit. Model 3 owners will get a one-day class on the basics of driving safety, etiquette, form, and how to handle Elon Musk’s high-performance, track-worthy sedan on a closed circuit.

The one-day track event costs CN¥1566 or US$223.45. The price for attending the Model 3 Performance Driving school is quite reasonable, considering that participants get to race on a real track and receive other perks as well. The entire event will probably take a full day since there are plenty of activities for anyone attending.
According to Weixin, accomplished racing coaches will be present on-site. They will teach Model 3 owners how to drive their cars in a racetrack, with a professional racing simulator and a VBOX racing data analyzer. The teachers will also take the driver's seat for a bit to show Model 3 owners how to push their vehicles to their limits properly.

When they are ready to drive, Model 3 owners will get to test their newfound skills on Beijing's Ruisi track. They will each be ranked, and the top ten drivers of the day will be encoded and saved on the official Ruisi track records. Everyone who participated will receive a signed diploma for attending Tesla China’s Performance Driving School. They will also be invited to try the Tesla Performance Driving School Elementary Course.

Participants of Tesla’s Performance Driving School will also have access to exclusive footage and pictures during the entire event, courtesy of a professional photographer who would be documenting the day's activities. Besides professional-grade photographs, Model 3 owners will also be provided a helmet, a timing module, a helmet, a wireless hand station, and a Tesla Driving School Body Number Sticker. 

The souvenirs will undoubtedly please the Model 3 owners, but the perks don’t end there. The price for Tesla’s Driving schools includes life insurance, lunch, and a track tea break.


There are limited slots for Tesla China’s track day event, so enrollment it’s first come first serve. Model 3 owners can save a slot and pay for the school through a QR code, which could be accessed here

Tesla China's Performance Driving School is a great way for the electric car maker to strengthen the bond of the local electric car community through an exciting yet safe activity that's sure to tickle the adrenaline of all participants. The Tesla Model 3, after all, is the only vehicle in Tesla's lineup that can effectively take the demands of track driving. As such, it takes a particular set of skills for owners to effectively push their vehicles to their limits. 

That being said, perhaps the biggest advantage of Tesla China's Performance Driving School is its focus on safety. Teslas are high-performance electric cars, and thus, their capabilities are quite different from their gas and diesel-powered counterparts. Their instant torque alone is enough to catch an unprepared, uninformed driver off-guard. With proper guidance, even spirited drivers could drive their Model 3s in the way they are meant to be driven. 

Other pertinent details of Tesla China's Performance Driving School can be accessed here

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