Tesla Cybertruck Convoy Across The TransAmerica Trail To Test EV Pick Up's Limits


A Tesla Cybertruck convoy will travel across the TransAmerica Trail to test the limits of the all-electric pickup around Summer 2022. The convoy will be made up of a group of adventurers led by Adam, who wanted to test the capabilities of the next-generation of utility vehicles. The team had named the journey Cyberland Bound. 

Adam didn’t seem to find the Cybertruck very appealing when Tesla first unveiled it. “I felt like I got stabbed in the eye by a wedge of stainless steel cheddar cheese,” he wrote on Cyberland Bound’s official website

Like most people, the Cybertruck grew on Adam. As an experienced outdoor explorer, he learned to appreciate Tesla’s unique take on the traditional pickup truck. He also started realizing the Cybertruck’s potential as an overlanding vehicle

Overlanding is usually defined as an adventure where the goal is the journey. When the Cybertruck first came out, many people familiar with overlanding recognized how useful it would be when traveling in the open wild free from paved roads and signs of modern civilization.


Credit: Cyberland Bound

Bound For Cyberland

The way the Cybertruck was made, it could theoretically take adventurers on an all-out, self-sufficient overlanding journey. The Cyberland Bound team wanted to test that theory by traveling through the TransAmerica Trail in their Cybertrucks. 

“A new generation of electric utility vehicles sets a new benchmark for the capability of overland vehicles. With hundreds of miles of battery range and on-board solar power generation, the Tesla Cybertruck can travel for hours across the landscape. With seating for six, a covered bed, adjustable suspension, a cold-worked stainless steel body, and many exterior storage options, the Cybertruck is uniquely suited for overlanding,” the team explained on their website. 

While the Cybertruck convoy will pass several Supercharger stations, there are miles in between where the team may need to rely on solar power generation. So it would be interesting to see how much utility the team gets from Tesla’s solar panel tonneau cover for the Cybertruck. The team could also provide a review of the CYBRTRK’s overlanding kit and other accessories for the all-electric pickup.

However, the real test will focus on the Cybertruck’s capabilities rather than its accessories. The Cyberland Bound team is open to taking any test suggestions for anyone who also wants to see the full capabilities of Tesla’s Cybertruck. Anyone interested in offering their suggestion can email the team at

Bringing Communities Together

The team plans to arrange in-person meetups and drive-alongs throughout their journey as well. They will be coordinating with local overland communities and Tesla owner clubs along their route. 

The Cyberland Bound team will try to provide updates on their journey through social media. However, the schedule of these updates will be up to the internet access they have during the trip. 

Tesla Cybertruck production will start in late 2021. Tesla’s next gigafactory may be dedicated to Cybertruck production. The location of the next gigafactory could be announced soon, according to Elon Musk in the latest Earnings Call. Until CYBRTRK deliveries begin, the Cyberland Bound team will be preparing for their big trip through the TransAmerica Trail. Their Cybertruck journey will begin in Summer 2022.

Featured Image Credit:  cybertruckers/Instagram

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