Tesla Cybertruck RC Hot Wheels Edition Spotted In Action [Video]


The Tesla Cybertruck RC Hot Wheels edition was spotted in action in the wild. From the first look of CYBERTRK Hot Wheels version, the item seems to be the sold-out 1:10 scale model.

Christmas came early this year for employees at Wired, who recently posted a video of a Tesla Cybertruck Hot Wheels model running through what appears to be the media outlet’s office halls. The hobby-grade-radio-controlled CYBRTRK zipped through the office and functioned just like its real-life counterpart.

“Your Cybertruck is here. It’s just ... a toy. The Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck goes 25 miles per hour and accelerates like a demon. The headlights and taillights work, and it even comes with two stickers that “shatter” the side windows,” commented Wired on its Twitter post about Hot Wheels’ take on Tesla’s all-electric pickup.

The 1:10 scale model of Tesla’s Cybertruck was present during the American International Toy Fair recently. According to Wired’s report of the event, Hot Wheels' CYBRTRK has full suspension and electric motors on all four wheels.

According to Hot Wheels’ official page for its 1:10 scale CYBRTRK model, the vehicle can also go off-road and in rugged terrain. There are two modes, named Chill or Sport, and the Hot Wheels Cybertruck can go up to 250 mph scale speed. It is also an all-wheel-drive and has “proportional steering to grip the tarmac and hug every curve.”

Like Tesla did with the real-life Cybertruck, Hot Wheels didn’t spare any details on its version either. The hobby-grade Cybertruck even as stickers to mimic the shattered windows of the real-life truck during Tesla’s unveiling event. The Hot Wheels CYBRTRK’s Tonneau “vault” cover is functional as well and opens up like Tesla’s real all-electric truck.

Hot Wheels will be releasing two versions of its Cybertruck models. There is the 1:10 scale CYBRTRK, which costs $400 and is currently sold out. Stocks of the hobby-grade Tesla Cybertruck sold out after 24 hours after preorders were made available.

Initially, Mattel stated that there would be limited stocks of the Hot Wheel Cybertruck versions. However, a representative of Hot Wheels suggested that there would be a restock of the 1:10 scale model soon to satisfy those on a waiting list for the hobby-grade Cybertruck.


Credit: Hot Wheels

The second Hot Wheels iteration is the 1:64 scale Cybertruck RC, which is more similar to the company’s usual products. The smaller Hot Wheels Cybertruck can do everything any other Hot Wheels car can do and costs only $20.

Hot Wheels’ toys have always showcased vehicles that are or were significant in society. The toy brand's products reflect the types of cars that have made an impact on society. So having a Hot Wheels Cybertruck may reveal a lot about Elon Musk and Tesla’s future in the pickup truck market. It at least shows that the Cybertruck hasn’t faded into the background. No, Tesla’s all-electric CYBRTRK is making a name for itself--before it’s even released.

Featured Image Credit: Hot Wheels

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