Tesla CyberTruck Preorder Numbers Could Be Above 622K

Tesla CyberTruck Preorder Numbers Could Be Above 622K

Cybertruk stunned us all back in November 2019, when it appeared on stage during the unveiling. Its design was so flashy that it stunned the audience. 4+ months have passed since then, and it continues to surprise us.

RIVETS posted a spreadsheet on CybertruckOwnersClub, which helps to understand how many orders there are for this beast from Tesla. The last time Tesla CEO Elon Musk released the reservation data for Cybertruck on November 26, 2019, when he tweeted about receiving 250,000 preorders.

Source: Reuters

Now, with the help of this spreadsheet, forum and people who are doing this, anyone can see the approximate current number of preorders for Cybertruk. According to information from the site, as of March 30, 2020, 622k+ preorders for a pickup truck from Tesla were placed.

This is an amazing number of orders, given the fact that Model 3, which is the company's most popular car received 518 thousand preorders from April 1, 2016 to August 2, 2017.

The forum also provided some insight into where people place orders in the US and around the world. According to this information, the US is by far the largest market with 76% of all preorders. California accounts for 13% of all US orders, followed by Texas at 6% and then Florida at 5%.

Globally, Canada ranks 2nd place with 10% of all orders, and Australia ranks 3d with 3%. The last 11% is shared among many other countries, including the UK, Germany and Norway.

The vast majority of those preorders are for either the dual-motor or tri-motor Cybertruck. The former option leads the pack with 49% of all orders, while the tri-motor model makes up 42%. The single-motor pickup, which will be the cheapest version, only tallies about 8% of all preorders, according to this information.

Well, it seems that now every new car from Tesla will have new records and this is not surprising. Musk invested in his company not only money and time, but also his soul. That is why every car of the company is something special, not like anything. Tesla cars are unique and have become the standard for other manufacturers.

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