Tesla Cybertruck In Petersen Automotive Museum Hints At Mysterious New Cameras, Underbody Armor & New Finish


Featured Image Credit: Tesmanian

The Tesla Cybertruck that’s currently featured in the Petersen Automotive Museum hints at new cameras, a robust underbody armor, and a new finish that’s quite different compared to the all-electric pickup unveiled onstage by Elon Musk last November. Based on recent images of the vehicle, it appears that the Cybertruck will indeed have a few tricks up its sleeve when it starts customer deliveries next year.   


Credit: Tesmanian

Upon closer inspection of the vehicle, Tesmanian was quite surprised to see what seems to be an extra camera subtly placed just above the Cybertruck’s thick front bumper that houses the vehicle's front foglights. This is quite interesting, considering that the front cameras of the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y are installed in front of the rearview mirror. It would be very interesting to see exactly what the purpose of this new front camera really is. 


Credit: Tesmanian

Speaking of cameras, the Cybertruck’s rear cameras are also very unique. A look at the rear of the vehicle shows that its license plate area is flanked by two cameras. This is also a configuration that seems to be unique to the Cybertruck, seeing as the Model S, 3, X, and Y are all equipped with a single camera at the rear. Just like the mysterious extra camera in front, it would be interesting to the specific functions of the Cybertruck’s extra rear camera.  


Credit: Tesmanian

Unknown cameras aside, it was also evident that the Cybertruck is equipped with what appears to be an armored underbody that seems to be designed to keep rocks and debris away from the vehicle’s battery pack. This armor appears to be fitted in several sections of the Cybertruck’s underbody, from its floor-mounted battery pack to the areas near its suspension. 


Credit: Tesmanian

Also interesting is the fact that the Cybertruck in the Petersen Automotive Museum features rather glossy finish. This is a bit different compared to the prototype that was unveiled onstage last November, which featured a flat silver finish. While seemingly a minor difference, this may hint that Tesla has two working prototypes of the all-electric pickup. 


Credit: Tesmanian

After all, participants of the Cybertruck’s test rides following its unveiling were informed that the vehicle was a Dual Motor AWD variant. During the vehicle’s presentation, Tesla featured a video of a rather glossy-finished Cybertruck drag racing a Porsche 911. Since the only variant of the Cybertruck that can outrun a 911 is the Tri-Motor AWD version, it appears that Tesla brought over a tamer version of the vehicle in its unveiling event. 

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