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Elon Musk Shares Tesla Cybertruck Design Improvements & Hints At Baja 1000 Race


Elon Musk shared some Tesla Cybertruck design improvements before production on Twitter. The all-electric pickup will go into production late next year, and Tesla doesn’t appear to be wasting any time prepping for it. 

Elon Musk was very forthcoming with Tesla Cybertruck improvements on Twitter recently. According to Tesla’s CEO, the Cybertruck’s size was reduced by 3%, its center line was more leveled, and the window height was lowered. Based on Musk’s details, CYBRTRK may not be as much of a behemoth as the prototype revealed during the unveiling last year. It will probably still be a daunting size for the majority of truck owners, though. 

Elon Musk has talked about making a smaller version of the pickup truck in the past. However, the slight changes to the Cybertruck’s prototype hint that Tesla will still be releasing a full-sized pickup truck first. A compact CYBRTRK may still be in the works for later release. 

Elon Musk also shared some news about Tesla’s future plans for the Cybertruck. He said that Tesla was trying to improve the CYBRTRK’s off-roading experience by increasing its dynamic air suspension travel. The Tesla CEO explained that the Cybertruck would need the improvements to compete in Baja 1000—the Mexican off-road motorsport race. 

Before the subtle announcement about Baja 1000, Musk had dropped that he would be getting the Cybertruck Plaid, which would undoubtedly make quite a scene at the off-road race if Tesla released it by then. Tesla plans to produce the Model S Plaid later this year. Production for the CYBRTRK’s tri-motor and dual-motor variants are expected to begin late next year. It is unknown when production on the Cybertruck Plaid would start, but it will likely be after Tesla begins manufacturing the single-motor variant. 

Elon Musk talked about the Cybertruck production line in Third Row Tesla Podcast’s latest episode. He shared some details Tesla might need to address before production begins and the obstacles engineers could face during the entire process. Cybertruck production will be another new experience for Tesla and therefore, might have some challenges. 

Since Model Y assembly is so similar to the Model 3, Tesla doesn’t appear to be facing the same production hell as it did with its affordable sedan. Production on the Model S Plaid will also be familiar for Tesla engineers. However, the Cybertruck’s production line will be a whole different experience, which may be the reason Tesla is already fine-tuning the pickup’s design.

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