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Oklahoma Sends Tesla And Elon Musk The Best Cybertruck Gigafactory Pitch Ever

Oklahoma Sends Tesla And Elon Musk The Best Cybertruck Gigafactory Pitch Ever

Tulsa, Oklahoma, has shared what could very well be the most epic Tesla Cybertruck Gigafactory pitch to Elon Musk ever. Through a series of memes, the city expressed why Tulsa is the best location possible for the Cybertruck’s future production facility, and it is downright epic.

Tulsa’s pitch (which also came with a dedicated Twitter handle) actually discussed a lot of important factors about the area it’s proposing as a potential Gigafactory site. The space is huge, being around 1,500 acres, it all features a lot of existing infrastructure such as water, gas, and sewage lines, and it is also located right in the heart of the USA. But the pitch did not end there.

Using a series of cleverly-used GIFs, Tulsa also mentioned several unique advantages inherent in its “BFF” (short for ‘Big F*cking Field,’ a reference to SpaceX’s ‘BFR’ spacecraft, which was eventually renamed 'Starship'), such as the “yummy” quality of its soil, and its over 1,000-mile distance to the headquarters of the SEC. Overall, however, the city also stated in its “species present” area that Tulsa is inhabited with “capable humans” that are "ready to build some trucks."

But the meme-worthy pitch did not stop there either. Following its discussion of the BFF’s advantages, Tulsa also included some quotable quotes from the biggest names in the tech and science industry swearing by the location. The city’s meme game goes beyond a hundred at this point, as quotes like “‘I have tasted the dirt in Oklahoma, and it is delicious.’ - Steve Jobs” and “‘To build Cybertrucks, you need a good imagination and a giant field.’ - Thomas Edison’” are highlighted.

After pointing out that the massive field will come with features like “Sentry Mode” and “Romance Mode” as well, Tulsa asked Tesla and Elon Musk to place a $100 fully-refundable deposit for the 1,500-acre BFF. The city also pledged to move fast if Tesla does decide to establish its Cybertruck Gigafactory in Oklahoma.

“With only a $100 deposit, fully refundable, you can purchase your 1500-acre BFF today and develop it... whenever you want. Limited quantity available (1). Seriously, we’re ready to close this deal, and we promise we’ll move fast, like Plaid powertrain fast,” the Tulsa pitch read.

Scrolling over the cleverly-worded Cybertruck Gigafactory pitch, it is not difficult to imagine Elon Musk chuckling at the city’s top-notch meme game. Elon Musk has said in the past, after all, that meme lords are born, not made. Well, meme lords are calling for the Cybertruck Gigafactory to be established in Tulsa, and there seems to be actual, legitimate advantages in doing so. Will Musk heed call? The next few months will likely hold the answer.

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