Tesla Model Y Receives Positive First Drive Review From MotorTrend: Finally, A Legitimate EV Family Car


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The Tesla Model Y has received a first drive review from noted motoring publication MotorTrend, and the results are quite positive. The veteran automotive media outlet lauded the Model Y for several key factors, from its space to its performance, to its features. But beyond this, the Model Y truly shone in one crucial aspect: it is a legitimate all-electric family crossover. 

The advent of the mainstream electric vehicle arguably began with the Model S, which was a premium large sedan that could be acquired by a demographic that was otherwise unattainable with a vehicle such as the original Roadster. This trend continued with Tesla until the Model 3, which was the company’s first attempt at a mass-market electric car. As noted by MotorTrend, the Model 3 seemed like it was the Automobile 2.0 because of its unique blend of features and performance. But as it turned out, the Model 3 was really more like a dress rehearsal for the Model Y. 

The publication covered pretty much every aspect of the vehicle, from its design that was heavily-inspired by the Model 3 to its impressive performance. MotorTrend, however, took particular notice of the Model Y’s cavernous interior, which provides enough comfortable interior space for a family. The publication noted that Tesla actually took careful note of several subtle design choices for the Model Y, many of which actually make the crossover more comfortable than it could otherwise be. 

The second row seats of the Model Y proved to be a key advantage over Tesla’s other affordable vehicle, the Model 3. According to MotorTrend, the Model Y provides a ton of headroom for second-row passengers, which was made possible partly because the vehicle is equipped with an all-glass roof. Even the seat risers that the Model Y utilizes actually do more than provide a higher seating position, as they provide ample space for second-row passengers to slide their feet in. 

Being a crossover, it is pertinent for the Model Y to have a ton of cargo space. And in this segment, the all-electric crossover does not disappoint one bit. There’s storage slots all around, underfloor bins, and deep frunk, and with its second-row seats folded down, a cavernous space that’s enough to fit even large items with ease. A total storage area of 68 cubic feet is no joke, after all. 

Ultimately, MotorTrend noted that the Model Y’s key selling point lies in the fact that it sits at a sweet spot in Tesla’s lineup. It’s far more affordable than the Model X, the other SUV in the company’s lineup. It’s significantly larger and more practical than the Model 3, the Tesla with the most comparable price. With its unique combination of performance, design, and tech, the Model Y is a vehicle that not only will appeal to avid EV enthusiasts—it’s a crossover that can be attractive even to the average car buyer. 

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