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Tesla Giga Berlin's Electrification Is In Progress


Tesla Giga Berlin's electrification is progressing further, revealing how much the EV automaker's upcoming facility in Germany has changed within the last two months. Pictures from the site show that the GF4 land is rapidly changing day by day and formal construction on Tesla's European factory could start soon. 

According to resident drone operator and Tesla enthusiast GF4Tesla, the electrical lines on the construction site of the would-be EV factory are being set up. He also shared that there were still no signs of water or sewage supplies on site. 

The electrification of Giga Berlin will probably be needed for power tools and other tech needed for the factory's construction. So the site electrification could be an indication of how soon work on Tesla's actual EV plant will begin or at least how close the ground-breaking day is for Giga Berlin. 

The Mayor of Grünheide in Brandenburg, Arne Christiani, believes that Giga Berlin's ground-breaking ceremony could happen by the end of March, due to the rapid progress in the GF4 forest's tree felling. 

It could be that the ground-breaking ceremony will take place at the end of March,” Mayor Christiani told TeslaMag. The Mayor of Grünheide seemed confident about his expectations. “Even if you never know what the objections will be, and even if there are complaints against a permit are possible.”

There were some complications and obstacles after tree felling started on Giga Berlin's site. However, the tree felling process progressed quickly once the complications and obstacles were overcome. Within a week, about 90 hectares of the 300-hectare lot was cleared. Enough open space was made for Phase 1 of Giga Berlin at least. 

Based on Tesla's Environmental Impact study--shared by Tesla supporter @AEONde--Phase 1 of Giga Berlin could take up about 1,522,300 sqm. (376.17 acres) of land. The first building of the Berlin factory will be used for Tesla's vehicle assembly lines and other facilities, like parking lots, roads, railroads, and test tracks. The actual building for Tesla's vehicle assembly line could only take up only 587, 721 sqm. (145.23 acres) out of the 1,522,300 sqm. (376.17 acres) allotted for Phase 1. 

Tesla Giga Berlin is expected to start production on the Model Y in 2021 if Phase 1 can be completed on schedule. Phase 1 can reportedly produce up to 250,000 vehicles a year once it reaches is maximum potential. Tesla set a goal to produce at least 500,000 electric vehicles from Giga Berlin a year once it is fully functional with plans to eventually ramp to 750,000 in the distant future.

Featured Image Credit: GF4Tesla/Twitter

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