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Tesla Giga Berlin Will Get Revolutionary Paint Shop To Start Model Y Production

Tesla Giga Berlin Will Get Revolutionary Paint Shop To Start Model Y Production

Tesla Giga Berlin will get the world's most advanced paint shop. Using the new painting technology, Tesla cars will have a special, attractive and lively look.

Each Tesla factory is modeled on the previous one, but the differences in equipment are impressive. Giga Berlin will have an advanced paint shop, which will be able to apply paint in three layers. Several layers of paint give the color a realistic depth, which makes the colors brighter than possible with traditional paint systems.

In the last episode of the Third Row Tesla Podcast CEO Elon Musk talked about some of the innovations that Tesla made to optimize the design of the Tesla Model 3. Giga Berlin was discussed during the conversation, and the Third Row members learned some details about its paintwork shop. Musk said:

“Something interesting that I’m pretty excited about: the Berlin paint shop is going to have another opportunity for another 3 layers of paint. In order to get dimension on paint, you really need multiple layers. We’re going to do this in Berlin for the first time.”

Giga Berlin's upgraded shop adds several layers of paint for a unique look, which is almost impossible with traditional painting methods.

“If you get dimension, there’s something called flop, where you see the change in color with curvature,” said Musk. “If you can do something like lay down a gloss layer, then lay down a layer with color tint, then lay down another gloss layer, you can get kind of a 3D feeling to the paint. It just pops. It’s so much better than anything else. We’re going to do this in Berlin for the first time.”

Musk said that additional layers of paint will cost more than traditional paint methods, but they will be very valuable to customers. The new construction will be Tesla's next competitive advantage.

Over time, paint shops in Fremont and Shanghai will also be modernized.

In the meantime, work on the Tesla site near Berlin is in full swing. Today @gigafactory_4 managed to see a train on-site, which may have been delivering gravel for roads. A train on this road was seen for the first time in the last year. In our recent article, we examined the opportunities offered by the railway for Tesla: Will Tesla Giga Berlin Take Advantage Of The Railway That Runs Through Its Territory?

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