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Tesla Giga Nevada Taking Similar C19 Precautions As Giga Shanghai


Tesla Giga Nevada seems to be following in Giga Shanghai's footsteps and taking precautionary measures due to the C19 pandemic in the United States. The spread of the virus has affected many businesses thus far. It seems Tesla was wise enough to take a proactive stance during these trying times.

According to a comment on Twitter, Giga Nevada might be taking the same precautions Giga Shanghai has followed so far amidst the C19 pandemic. Based on a previous Tesmanian article, Tesla China has adopted some measures to prevent the infection and spread of C19 within its Shanghai facility and amongst its workers there.


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Giga Shanghai workers and visitors are screened before entry with thermometers to check for high fevers. Tesla China has also supplied its workers with the proper equipment like face masks, goggles, rubber gloves, and disinfectants.

In a video from local Chinese media, Giga Shanghai workers can be seen wearing the safety and prevention equipment as well as taking extra precautions like spraying the floor with cleaning products or wiping each newly-minted MIC Model 3 from inside out. In the lunchroom, the video revealed that people are practicing social distancing in Giga Shanghai as well. And each table is cleaned right after a person uses it.


Credit: China News 

Tesla Nevada taking similar precautions shows how proactive and efficient the American-based factory is amidst the pandemic. During such a global crisis, swift but well-thought-out actions are necessary. And during a medical emergency, it's better to be proactive rather than reactive. Anyone in the medical profession knows that prevention is a top priority, regardless of the type of health issue, dilemma, or obstacle a patient could face.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus, which spreads primarily from person-to-person. As such, experts have advised people to practice social distancing or the act of separating one's self from physical contact with others.

The CDC also recommended that people clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, which Giga Shanghai has been practicing. It might also be useful to avoid touching commonly used surfaces. The best way to prevent spreading C19 and infection as well would be to stay indoors.

Giga Shanghai adopted similar preventative measures since the onset of the virus' outbreak in China. The results speak for themselves. Giga Shanghai resumed operations on February 10 and has since regained the majority of its functionality. Last month, Tesla China delivered 30% of all newly-minted electric cars in the country despite the outbreak.

Featured Image Credit: China News 

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