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Tesla Giga Shanghai: Model Y Production Starts by End of Month, to Target 5000 Weekly Production in 2021

Tesla Giga Shanghai: Model Y Production Starts by End of Month, to Target 5000 Weekly Production in 2021

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The first Tesla Model Ys were available to order only in North America. Thus, European customers will have to wait for start the production in Giga Berlin, and Asian customers for production in Giga Shanghai. It seems that the wait will soon be over for some lucky customers, as the production of the China-made Model Y will begin of this month. 

Tesmanian's reliable source said that the Giga Shanghai will begin production of the Model Y by as early as the end of November. This information followed immediately after Tesmanian discovered that Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai (China) has recently submitted applications to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for the upcoming China-made Model Y production approval.

According to information from the Tesmanian's source, the maximum production capacity (target) for Model Y in 2021 will be 5,000 units per week, which means that Giga Shanghai will produce about 20,000 Model Y per month--approximately 250,000 units yearly. In parallel, the production ramp for Model 3 will be at least 250,000 units per year, which means that by the end of 2021, Giga Shanghai will be able to produce at least a half-million vehicles.

Back in August this year, Tesmanian was first to report that a suspected Model Y test vehicle was spotted. And today, on the territory of Giga Shanghai, a camouflaged car was again seen, which was visually identical to Model Y. At the end of October, Tesmanian's source reported that test production of Model Y had already begun, and an additional shift was working at the factory, busy with the production of the desirable crossover.

Another Tesmanian source also confirmed that Giga Shanghai-made Model Ys will indeed ultimately be exported in the coming future. The start of mass production in November means that Tesla is once again ahead of its initial promises and will deliver the highly anticipated Model Y to its customers several months earlier than planned.

In August of 2020, we are the first to report "Tesla Model Y Test Vehicle Spotted in the Wild on China Highway"

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