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Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai Phase II Construction Picking Up Speed


Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai Phase II construction has been picking up speed and seems to be progressing just as quickly as Phase 1. Giga Shanghai and Tesla China’s primary focus last month was to get back at 100% efficiency after an extended holiday. It seems the time Tesla China spent to get back on track has paid off. 

Recent pictures and videos of Giga Shanghai show that Phase II of Tesla’s factory in China is starting to take shape. Currently, Phase II of Giga Shanghai looks similar to Phase I just about a year ago—as seen in the picture below, particularly the part in the green box. 


Credit: Wuwa Vision/YouTube

The first pillars of Phase II were sighted just a couple of days ago. A few weeks ago, Tesla China received approval from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to produce the MIC Model 3 Long Range RWD. Phase I will likely produce the Long Range RWD version. 

Meanwhile, the second phase of Gigafactory 3 could house Tesla’s Model Y assembly line in China. Elon Musk kicked off Giga Shanghai’s Model Y program during the official MIC Model 3 Delivery Event at the beginning of 2020. 

Model Y deliveries in the United States officially started last week. The first handovers have already taken place, and many reviews of Tesla’s SUV crossover have been posted online already. Tesla will likely ramp international delivery of the Model Y once it is possible. Given the current state of multiple countries, Tesla may face obstacles with global shipments of the Model Y.

Based on the schedule of Giga Shanghai Phase I, Tesla China might finish the next stage well before the end of 2020—barring anything that could prevent construction, like the current global pandemic. 

Although, Tesla China appears to be handling C19 prevention very well at Giga Shanghai. There have been no cases reported of the virus amongst the employees or staff at the factory in Shanghai. 

As stated in a previous Tesmanian report, Giga Shanghai staff have adopted several healthcare safety measures to prevent the spread of or infection from the virus. Tesla China has prepared for the pandemic by gathering preventative equipment for employees and staff members, including face masks, disinfectants, and gloves. 

The commonly-shared surfaces inside the factory are also thoroughly cleaned after every use. For example, lunch tables are sprayed with disinfectants and wiped down after each person eats.

Tesla China continues to set that bar for the EV automaker’s gigafactories with Giga Shanghai. It continues to strive for optimal efficiency amid trying times. 

Featured Image Credit: Wuwa Vision/YouTube

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