Tesla Officially Opens Orders For Model S 3 X in Greece

Tesla Officially Opens Orders For Model S 3 X in Greece

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Tesla opened an order page and a configurator for buying its vehicles in Greece. Taking advantage of the start-up of government incentives for buying electric vehicles, the company is dynamically entering the Greek market.

In mid-July, Tesla announced recruitment for the positions of Sales & Delivery Manager and Tesla Advisor. In a job description, the company wrote that it was preparing for its entry into Greece; both positions are in Athens. Both positions are related to sales and customer support. The presence of a brick and mortar store — coupled with on-site Tesla representatives — should even further enhance the attractiveness of the EV maker’s products.

The launch of a new incentive program for electric vehicles and two-wheelers, "I Drive Responsibly," encouraged Tesla to accelerate the opportunity for Greeks to order the company's cars.

The bonus for cars reaches up to ‎€6,000 and can be increased by ‎€1,000 if the old car is withdrawn and by ‎€500 for installing the charger. The total amount that will be allocated under the program for 2020-2021 is ‎€100 million and is aimed at launching tens of thousands of new clean electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and motorcycles on Greek roads. At the same time, the goal is to create 2,000 smart home charging points.

For full-electric cars from ‎€30,000 to ‎€50,000, the environmental bonus is 15% of the retail price before taxes, up to ‎€6,000. For Model 3, prices start at ‎€45,990 for the Standard Range Plus version, so Greek buyers will receive a purchase bonus.

The estimated delivery date for Model S, Model 3, and Model X is November 2020. Model Y for the European market will only be available from mid-2021 when Giga Berlin starts production.

At the moment, the selection and ordering process is carried out online--but it is expected that by the time deliveries begin, Tesla will already have opened stores in Greece.

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