Tesla Launches First Renewable Energy Supercharger with Powerwall in China

Tesla  Launches First Renewable Energy Supercharger with Powerwall in China

On June 23, Tesla officially announced the deployment of the first Powerwall and solar panels in China as part of a project in Lhasa, Tibet, China. The solar panel system with energy storage solution was installed at a Supercharger, and became the first charging station in the country for Tesla to run on renewable energy sources.

Tesla has opened a solar-powered charging station with solar panels and home energy storage—via Powerwall—in Lhasa, Tibet. This Supercharger is the first such facility in China. The location consists of three stalls, solar panels on the roof, and two Powerwalls, which store energy received from the sun during the day.

Such a configuration for the charging station was chosen due to the fact that there is an abundant amount of sunlight in this area, which means that the batteries will be able to charge well during the day and transfer energy to charge cars. The implementation of such a solution is an excellent demonstration that by owning an electric car, you can minimize your carbon footprint and reduce the negative impact on the overall climate situation.

Despite the fact that China is the second-largest market for Tesla, having a Supercharger powered by renewable energy is the first of its kind for the company. At the moment, China's energy system is mainly coal-fired, but if Tesla continues to deploy charging stations on renewable energy sources, then this could significantly change the situation.

The Supercharger network is one of Tesla's biggest strengths over other EV brands. Many other automakers are counting on third-party charging, which is generally available, but Tesla is constantly improving and expanding its branded and reliable Supercharger network. The company is already using solar power at some Supercharger stations and will continue to actively continue this deployment in 2021. In regions where power grids run on fossil fuels, Tesla will look to add solar panels if possible.

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