Tesla Model 3 Police Vehicle Hits the UK Roads for Emergency Response Trials

Tesla Model 3 Police Vehicle Hits the UK Roads for Emergency Response Trials

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Tesla cars have long attracted the attention of various services around the world, including the police. The company has now created an emergency response Model 3 that will be tested by police, fire brigades, and other emergency services in the UK.

Tesla's Model 3 trial vehicle is designed to assist emergency responders as part of the "Road to Zero" emission reduction program, which aims to reduce emissions from road transport, according to The Sunday Time Driving. As part of this strategy, emergency services aim to move to an all-electric fleet by 2030. The use of electric vehicles by various emergency services can significantly improve the environmental performance of road transport.

After the presentation of the car, a number of police stations in the UK expressed a desire to acquire one in the future. Surrey Police, Crawley Police, Sussex Roads Police, Derbyshire Dales Response Unit, to name a few, have tweeted about it.

Model 3 is an ideal vehicle for a variety of services. As well as being environmentally friendly, the vehicle offers excellent performance and value for the money. According to data published by several police stations, Tesla vehicles are significantly more economical than their gasoline counterparts. With minimal maintenance and savings on charging costs, it can pay for itself quickly. Also, the money saved can open up the possibility of buying a similar car in just 4-5 years.

Model 3 has a great acceleration comparable to that of many sports cars. This ability is essential for the operation of emergency response services, and especially for the police. In addition, all Tesla cars are among the safest in the world, and are capable of both preventing collisions, if possible, and protecting passengers in the cabin in case of such.

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