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Tesla Model 3 Secures Edmunds' 2020 Top Best EV of the Year Award


The Tesla Model 3 was named as 2020’s Top EV of the Year by Edmunds. The American online source for all things cars was impressed by Tesla’s improvements on the Model 3 since the 2017 model. Edmunds seems to think that the all-electric sedan really upped its A-game since the Model 3’s initial release.

Edmunds spoke highly of the Tesla Model 3 on Twitter after naming it 2020’s Top Rated EV of the Year. “The Model 3 is unlike any other vehicle on sale, electric, or ICE. Its’ features, technology, price, and driving dynamics make it an impossible force to ignore,” tweeted Edmunds on its official Twitter account.

Edmunds strongly advised anyone on the market for a premium small sedan to seriously consider the Tesla Model 3—even against non-electric vehicles. It also highly recommended the Model 3’s Long Range Battery variant to consumers interested in purchasing Tesla’s sedan.

The Model 3 received an 8.4 out of 10 rating from the trusted online source for automotives. Below is Edmund’s scorecard for its Model 3 Review.

Edmunds’ seemed particularly impressed by the Model 3’s performance and handling. According to its review, the all-electric sedan felt sporty while driven, and driving it was engaging. Edmunds specifically noted the Model 3’s “intuitive and responsive steering” and “coordinated and nimble handling.”

One of the pros Edmunds listed for the Model 3 was Tesla’s Supercharger Network. The all-electric car maker's numerous charging stations are often overlooked by Tesla critics even though they are critical to an EVs success. So its quite significant that Edmunds realized the importance of Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network across the globe.


Credit: Edmunds.com

Compared to other EVs, Tesla vehicles are usually more high-tech. In the Model 3’s case, however, its technology brought Edmunds rating down. Tesla’s all-electric sedan received its lowest score for its tech.

Edmunds rated the Model 3’s technology 7.0 because it believed the Media Control Unit could be distracting for drivers. Another point was taken off because the Model 3 didn’t have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Based on Edmunds inspection, the Model 3’s 15-inch touchscreen was “not always intuitive.” It also noted that inputting basic commands onto the Media Control Unit was too distracting during drives. The driver would have to look at the screen to do basic functions that could be done without looking in a typical vehicle.

Edmunds' concern about the Model 3’s central control center is valid. However, it does not take into consideration Tesla’s future plans for the Model 3 and the rest of its fleet. In the future, basic functions like turn signals may be done through Tesla’s Full Self-driving suite, in which case the driver won’t even need to look at the screen or do anything in general.

Edmunds also didn’t consider Tesla’s Premium Connectivity Package, which would give the Model 3 internet connection almost always. The all-electric sedan’s connectivity solves Edmunds' issue with the Model 3’s lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Model 3 owners can already play songs directly from Spotify and YouTube through its infotainment system, so there’s no need to connect phones to the car via Bluetooth. Tesla could add more music streaming apps in the future, too, completely negating the need for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Overall, Edmunds seemed pleased with the Model 3, but like most who review Tesla’s vehicles, it didn’t seem to fully grasp the company’s future plans for the auto industry. Currently, the automotive industry is dominated by cars that aren’t fully adapted to the modern world. Tesla has managed to create vehicles that straddle the line between traditional vehicles and next-gen cars.

The tech in Tesla cars is commonly misunderstood because their intended use may be difficult to grasp, especially when taken into consideration beside traditional vehicles. It will take time for the auto industry and the world to fully understand what Tesla is doing with its vehicles. In the meantime, it sure is fun watching Tesla’s cars rise up the ranks.

Featured Image Credit: Edmunds/Twitter

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