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Tesla Model 3 May be Sold Out In Europe For Q4 2019

by Claribelle Deveza December 01, 2019


The Tesla Model 3 may be sold out for 2019 in Europe. This news speaks volumes about Tesla's demand in Europe, which may positively affect the electric car maker's upcoming Q4 earnings reports.

Based on information gathered by the Tesla community and the electric car maker’s notifications in its online configurator, it appears that Model 3 orders placed today are already estimated for February 2020 deliveries--or at least Q1 2020. This hints that demand remains strong for the Model 3, especially in Europe, where sedans are still popular.

A recent tweet from Tesla enthusiast @TeslaDieHardFan mentioned that the Model 3 seems to be sold out for 2019 in Europe. Other reports from Tesla fans revealed that the vehicle’s different variants are now unavailable for December delivery in several regions, which supports @TeslaDieHardFan's claim.

@TeslaDieHardFan's claim is in line with observations from @enn_nanflaus, who also noted that all Tesla Models, including the company’s expensive Performance-branded vehicles, are sold out in markets outside North America, China, New Zealand, and Australia. From Japan to the greater European region, the Model 3, and even the Model S and X, are now listed with delivery dates that are at least a couple of months into next year.

Interestingly enough, even areas where December deliveries are still available could already be supply-constrained. In Australia, for example, the Long Range Dual Motor AWD Model 3 was listed for December 2019 delivery, but the vehicle’s Standard Range Plus and Performance versions are not. Model S and X were listed for Q1 2020 deliveries, as well.

Signs of the Model 3’s potential European boom in Q4 2019 were present even before Tesla's delivery estimates reached months into the following year. Tesla enthusiasts Morten Grove and Franco Mossotto, who actively track cargo ships from CA to Europe, have observed about 10 ships filled with Teslas coming to the region this quarter. Images of numerous Model 3s being offloaded from cargo ships at the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium have also started making the rounds online.

With these observations in mind, anyone keeping an eye on Model 3 sales and deliveries might be surprised by its European figures this Q4 2019. Tesla needs to deliver as many cars as it can this quarter, as the company is about 105,000 vehicles away from meeting the lower-end of its 2019 delivery, which was estimated to be about 360,000-400,000 vehicles for the year. For Tesla to achieve this goal, regions such as Europe and China would have to meet or even exceed expectations.

That being said, these reports from the Tesla community, together with observations from Europe itself, suggest that the electric car maker’s vehicles are indeed seeing healthy demand outside the United States. The orders are there, and the demand is there. All that’s left for Tesla at this point is to deliver. Fortunately, there is still a month left in the fourth quarter, so the electric car maker has about four more weeks to make sure the Model 3s sent to Europe make it to customers before the end of the year.

Featured Image Credit: Pietro Leonardo DeCaprio/Twitter

Claribelle Deveza
Claribelle Deveza

Longtime writer and news/book editor. Writing about Tesla allows me to contribute something good to the world, while doing something I love.

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