Tesla Model Ys Arrive in Japan on Two Vessels for First Deliveries

Tesla Model Ys Arrive in Japan on Two Vessels for First Deliveries

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Hundreds of Tesla Model Ys arrived in Japan on two ships. These are vehicles that will be delivered to customers for the first time since the mass production of Model Y began.

Tesla has begun expanding its influence in the Asia-Pacific region. In early June, the company launched an order page for the Model Y in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Japan, with shipping that was supposed to start in August 2022. Tesla only offered the base Model Y and Performance. In Japan, the base version was supposed to be delivered in August, while Performance was scheduled for the second half of the year.

On August 29, @Tesken88/Twitter reported that the first ship loaded with Model Ys had docked off the coast of Japan at the port of Yokohama. In fact, the Trans Harmony 1 vessel arrived at the port on August 28, according to the tracker. It was the first ship to bring the long-awaited Model Ys to Japan.

However, the second ship, with Model Ys on board, arrived just a few hours later. Malaysia Passion vessel docked at the port of Yokohama on August 29. After unloading hundreds of compact SUVs, both ships have gone to the port of Nagoya, Japan, and are still there.

In a few days, we will begin to receive more news about the first deliveries of Model Y in Japan, as happy customers will want to share the joy of their purchase. Model Y deliveries to Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore began a few weeks earlier. This may be due to the fact that the countries are further away from Shanghai, China, and the volume of orders there is significantly higher than in Japan.

Since the modernization of the Model Y production line in July, we have repeatedly observed thousands of vehicles being prepared for delivery at the port of Shanghai. Obviously, Q3 2023 will be a record for both Model Y deliveries and Tesla overall deliveries.

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