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Tesla Model Y Driving Experience Receives Acclaim In AutoTrader Review


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The Tesla Model Y’s driving experience has received some positive reviews from American automotive publication firm AutoTrader. In a recent article shared via MarketWatch, AutoTrader discussed some of the most compelling features of the all-electric crossover. And while the Model Y has numerous selling points, the motoring firm did put particular focus on one interesting aspect of the vehicle: its driving dynamics. 

Being an all-electric crossover, the Model Yfeatures compelling driving capabilities that have become a trademark of Teslas since the days of the early Model S. Tesla utilizes a skateboard platform for its vehicles, which involves installing the battery on the floor of its EVs. This allows every Tesla, including the massive Model X, to have a very low center of gravity.  

AutoTrader pointed this out in its review of the vehicle. The firm mentioned that the Model Y delivers brisk acceleration that is on par with a typical performance car. The vehicle’s low center of gravity makes it fun to drive on freeway on-ramps and mountain roads, and this is assisted greatly by the Model Y’s quick steering ratio. Ultimately, as the publication states, this gives the Model Y a “sporting feel uncommon among most crossovers” in the market today. 

The capability of the Model Y to be a competent canyon carver has been highlighted in early reviews of the vehicle. Despite the fact that it is taller than its sibling, the Model 3, the Model Y actually retains a lot of the agility that has become a trademark of its sedan sibling. This says a lot about the Model Y, considering that the Model 3 is arguably the most agile among Tesla’s current lineup, being the only car with a dedicated Track Mode feature

The motoring firm actually compared the Model Y rather favorably to other premium electric crossovers on the market today. AutoTrader noted that the Jaguar I-PACE and Audi e-tron could be alternatives to the Model Y, as both vehicles have far more luxurious interiors. But those plush leather seats come at a price, as both the I-PACE an e-tron are more expensive while offering far less range. Both EVs are also slower than Tesla's newest all-electric crossover. 

Interestingly enough, AutoTrader noted that the best Model Y will likely be its base version, which is yet to enter production and is expected to start closer to the $40,000 mark. At that price, the Model Y would be a legitimate threat not only to premium crossovers; it would be a threat to every crossover out there, regardless of price. 

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