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Tesla GF4 Targets 500K Vehicles per Year as Model Y Arrives in Europe for Training Use [Rumor]


Tesla's goal for Model Y and Model 3 production in Gigafactory 4 could be as high as 500,000 a year, according to recent reports from Germany. The all-electric crossover is expected to be Tesla's most popular vehicle in its lineup, so a production target of 500k per year with the Model 3 sedan may be necessary, but it is still very ambitious. Although, Tesla seems to be working hard on Gigafactory Berlin. 

Tesla's 500k per year target for Model Y and Model 3 production was reported by Reuters. It must be noted that the all-electric car maker made no comment on the prediction made by the news agency. Elon Musk did predict the Model Y could outsell the Models S, 3, and X combined, and Tesla might need to manufacture hundreds of thousands of all-electric crossovers per year in GF4 alone to meet demand. Couple this with the Model 3's proven success and Tesla's European efforts may very well prove to be fruitful. 

As for the all-electric crossover, Tesla doesn't seem to be taking any risks with the Model Y due to the automaker's high expectations and goals for the vehicle. Gigafactory 4 in Berlin will play a significant role in Model Y production, and the American automaker seems to be prepping its future technicians and staff for the Model Y already. 

In fact, Tesla informant and enthusiast Morten Groves recently shared that the Model Y has been traveling through Europe lately. The upcoming vehicle had reportedly been sent to Tilburg in the Netherlands and Münich, Germany. Groves suggested on Twitter that the Model Y was traveling through Europe so that future GF4 staff and Tesla technicians can get a closer look at the all-electric crossover. 

Groves admitted he learned about the Model Y's excursion through Europe from a trusted source. He also shared that Tesla plans to establish a technical training program by Q1 2020, even though Gigafactory 4 isn't expected to start Model Y production until 2021.

Deutsche Bank believes that Model Y production in Gigafactory Berlin will start in 2021 or at least 2 years after its groundbreaking. It also calculated that Tesla may have invested more in GF4 than on GF3 in Shanghai, China. 

Featured Image Credit: Morten Grove/Twitter

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