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Tesla Model Y Featured In "Jay Leno’s Garage"


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The Tesla Model Y was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. Former host of NBC’s The Tonight Show, Jay Leno, reviewed a Model Y Performance on his show. His review discussed why Elon Musk and Tesla have succeeded in what most believed was impossible a decade or so ago. 

Leno called the Model Y the "people’s vehicle" and shared that Tesla might have already produced 12,000 to 14,000 units--at the time he was recording the segment. He noted that the Model Y was about 10% bigger than the Model 3, which some argue makes it more suitable for families

Leno admitted that the Model Y might not be his cup to tea, but it could be for drivers with families who still want to enjoy the road. Leno claimed that it was “certainly faster” than muscle cars from the 60s and some modern sportscars. He added that the speed of the Model Y comes at a fraction of the price of a sportscar, too.

For drivers who love the thrill of the road, especially at fast speeds, Leno has a point. Too often, drivers with families have to choose between their love of speed and what’s appropriate for their loved ones. The Model Y might be a good compromise between both.

Unlike some other reviews about Tesla cars, Leno’s brought some insight into why the company has succeeded. His Model Y review was an all-encompassing one that reminded people how far Tesla has come and why it is here to stay.

He opened the segment reminding people that TSLA skeptics believed—and some still do—that once traditional OEMs or European carmakers entered the BEV industry, Tesla would be in trouble. Over time, however, Tesla has proven that it can hold its own against big names in the global automotive industry, especially in the BEV segment. 

“I always say that—you know—anybody that can sort of build a rocket in their backyard and send it into space and hook up with the International Space Station, when they tell you they’re going to make something, you better take them seriously. Because if you can put people into space safely and economically, then you can build automobiles. And that’s what Elon has done,” Leno said, mentioned Crew Dragon’s successful mission to the ISS thanks to Elon Musk and his company SpaceX. 

Jay Leno does have a point. Musk’s goals are often unfathomable to others. Yet, time and time again, he had ticked off each impossible dream after another. So many people believe in Musk and the companies he leads because he delivers

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