Tesla Model Y Performance Spotted at Giga Shanghai as Deliveries Likely Around the Corner

Tesla Model Y Performance Spotted at Giga Shanghai as Deliveries Likely Around the Corner

Photo: @JayinShanghai/Twitter

Tesla Model Y Performance was spotted at Giga Shanghai, hinting that deliveries will soon begin. After the electric SUVs are delivered domestically, they are expected to be exported to Europe until Giga Berlin can ramp up production.

Just ten months ago, Tesla began selling Model Y in China, offering consumers a Long Range version. The model met with a burst of popularity and the manufacturer's showrooms across the country were filled with visitors for several months in a row, wanting to see and test the car. In the middle of the summer, the Chinese got the opportunity to order Model Y Standard Range, which also triggered a surge in demand and led to particularly strong sales in September.

It seems that Tesla is now preparing for the first deliveries of Model Y Performance, as the newly produced car was spotted at Giga Shanghai. @JayinShanghai/Twitter shared a photo of the car on social media. The photo shows a Deep Blue Metallic Model Y with red calipers and 21'' Überturbine Wheels. The car was on the factory floor, presumably with other Model Y Performance cars. Another Midnight Silver Metallic and one Pearl White Multi-Coat are located near the Deep Blue Metallic Model Y, however they are not fully photographed and it is impossible to identify whether they are Performance versions.

The first deliveries of Model Y Performance in China are expected in Q4 2021 and it looks like the company is on track to deliver on that. Starting in Q1 2022, Model Y Performance may begin delivery to Europe in order to fill more orders, at least until Giga Berlin is up and running, and at sufficient capacity.

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