Model Y Radar Heater Proves It Is The Best Well-Rounded Tesla


The Tesla Model Y has a radar heater, hinting once more that it's the best well-rounded Tesla available today. The Tesla community’s resident hacker @greentheonly found an outline for a radar heater in the Model Y’s wiring diagrams. His discovery supports the theory that Tesla has introduced improvements to the Model Y to make it more suitable for winter driving.

Elon Musk first mentioned installing a radar heater into Tesla vehicles back in 2018, as pointed out by @vaipier, who happened to ask the billionaire CEO about the topic nearly two years ago.

In 2018, @vaipier had asked Musk if Tesla was planning on adding a radar heater to keep Autopilot and adaptive cruise control running properly during cold climates, particularly in the snow. “Long-term, the car will work purely on vision [aka cameras], with radar just a plus, but maybe worth adding a radar heater anyway,” answered Musk.


Credit: @greentheonly/Twitter

Two years later, and Musk has turned the idea into a reality. Even though it took some time, Tesla adding a radar heater to the Model Y shows that the company listens to the concerns and advice of its consumers and supporters. It also reveals Tesla’s willingness to improve its products.

The Model Y’s heat pump and newly discovered radar heater reveal that Tesla really focused on improving its all-electric SUV’s performance during cold climates. Tesla’s initiative to prepare the Model Y for cold weather was showcased in the company’s ad for its affordable SUV crossover.

By adding a heat pump and radar heater, some Tesla may have genuinely made the Model Y a well-rounded all-electric vehicle in a segment that has been gaining traction in the auto industry. Car critic Doug DeMuro dubbed the Model Y the best all-around Tesla in existence in his recent review, and he may have been right on the money.

With a radar heater, the Model Y’s Autopilot, Full Self-Driving (FSD) Suite, and adaptive cruise control will run better in the cold. As such, the Model Y would be Tesla’s best vehicle in its line up since it is well-equipped for different weather conditions.

With that in mind, people living in countries with harsh winters may start to consider Tesla as a viable option when car shopping. With a radar heater, Tesla has expanded its demographic and possibly even the potential demand for the Model Y.

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