Tesla Model 3 Owners Make History With Coast-to-Coast Nonstop Canada EV Road Trip

Tesla Model 3 Owners Make History With Coast-to-Coast Nonstop Canada EV Road Trip

Two Tesla Model 3 owners recently made history by conducting a coast-to-coast, nonstop EV road trip across Canada. The trip was made possible thanks to the country's expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which is headlined by Tesla's Trans-Canada Supercharger Network.

Tesla owners Ian Pavelko and  conducted the long, 6,000+ km journey with a Model 3 Performance, a midsize electric sedan that is capable of running over 320 miles of range per charge. The trip, officially dubbed as the "Fast EV Lightning Run" was conducted by the duo as a way to showcase and prove the capabilities of long-range electric cars like Teslas in extended trips, even in winter.

And it terms of extended trips, Page and Pavelko's journey was no joke. As stated in a press release, the trip started on Wednesday, March 4, at noon, on Tsawwassen, BC, and ended in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, NS, on March 7. The entire journey lasted 73 hours and 27 minutes and spanned a total of 6,131 km or 3,810 miles. During the trip, the duo visited 40 Tesla Superchargers that are located along the Trans-Canada route.

Speaking about the journey, Pavelko stated that the experience is something that will definitely be memorable. "Honestly, this has been one of the most enjoyable and exciting drives I've ever done," he said. This doesn't mean that the trip was completely seamless, however, as the pair did encounter challenges along the way.

"We made a few mistakes along the way. We overcharged at one point, and we didn't plan for certain distances, and of course, weather is always an issue and was for us heading into Halifax, but we're still really pleased with the 73-hour drive time it took," Page said.

Yet despite the challenges that the duo faced during the journey, the electric car community proved to be a valuable form of support for the Tesla owners. Amidst the seemingly endless roads over the 6,000+ km road trip, Pavelko noted that the community's support made the entire journey feel like he and Page were never really alone.

"The support was absolutely amazing and humbling. And we were amazed at the EV following in the middle of the country, and the support and encouragement we received throughout the prairies was great," Pavelko said.

Ultimately, the Tesla owner duo's historic coast-to-coast EV road trip across Canada proves that the era of electric vehicles is already here. EV charging stations like Tesla Superchargers are only going to grow over time. Still, even at their current state, extremely long drives like those performed by Page and Pavelko are already feasible. For the two Tesla enthusiasts, though, they hope that their trip will only be one of many that are to come.

"We hope other EV owners will see just how enjoyable this drive can be. Canada is such a beautiful country, and we got to see it in all its glory," Pavelko said.

Watch a stunning time-lapse of the Tesla Model 3 owners' coast-to-coast EV road trip across Canada in the video below.

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