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Tesla Owners Club Members To Be Legitimized In China Due To Exponential Growth In Demand

Tesla Owners Club Members To Be Legitimized In China Due To Exponential Growth In Demand

Tesla Owners Club members will be legitimized by the company’s branch in China. According to an inside source, Tesla China has seen exponential growth in demand for the MIC Model 3. As such, Tesla China has decided to verify all Tesla Owners Club members as it continues to grow as well.

According to the letter Tesla China just sent out, the company will legitimize all members of the country’s TOC. In the future, verified members may be invited to company events and other social gatherings. There could be other benefits to being a legitimized member of China’s Tesla Owners Club, too, but no other details have been released.

Tesla China has already started rolling out the first phase of its plan for TOC via letters. The EV company’s Asian branch advised owners to stay online and wait for their letters. Once they’ve received their letters, they were advised to immediately respond to it. No other information has been shared about Tesla China's future plans for TOC as of this writing. 


Credit: Tesla China

Thus far, Tesla China may be the one ray of hope for the company as a whole in the coming weeks. China seems to have successfully mitigated the spread of the virus that has led to the current pandemic. Tesla China, in particular, adopted preventative measures early on when the virus’s spread was just an epidemic.

Giga Shanghai stopped operations briefly earlier in the year, but was quick to resume work. According to a previous Tesmanian report, HyperChange host Gali Russell believes Tesla China’s deliveries results could be strong because of Giga Shanghai’s resilience during the wake of the pandemic.

Giga Shanghai may start production on the MIC Model 3 Long Range RWD soon since it has already been approved by China’s Minstry of Industry and Information Technology. It seems like Phase 2, where the MIC Model Y assembly line may be placed, is almost complete as well. So Giga Shanghai is in a good position to maintain a steady course while Tesla’s main branch in the United States remains inactive.

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