Breaking: Tesla Prepares To Enter German Electricity Market on a Grand Scale with Hardware & Software

Breaking: Tesla Prepares To Enter German Electricity Market on a Grand Scale with Hardware & Software

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Some Tesla clients in Germany received an email from the company in which they were asked to take part in a survey. This survey covered the topics of electricity tariffs, electric vehicle charging, solar systems, and home battery storage.

According to the survey, Tesla is preparing to enter the German electricity market. Our investigation showed that so far, not all, but just a few of Tesla clients in Germany received this letter. We wonder if perhaps this survey is conducted in batches, and the rest of the company's clients will have the opportunity to take part in the near future.

Our friend @TilmanWinkler / Twitter has kindly shared the questions in the survey exclusively with Tesmanian. Tesla writes:

"To accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy, we want to understand your interest in an intelligent new Tesla electricity tariff.

The Tesla electricity tariff can combine hardware and software to meet your energy needs, save you money and bring more clean energy to society. "

The company asked how important it is for customers to use sustainable electricity for their home and electric vehicle. Also, some questions were asked that hint that Tesla could make a competitive and profitable proposal in the German energy market in the future.

Source: Tesla

Tesla appears to be trying to figure out if its German clients are ready to switch to renewable energy sources within their own household. The company may also offer a specially developed Tesla tariff for electricity.

One of the questions was, under what conditions customers would allow Tesla to control the time when their cars would be charged. The purpose of this is to find the cheapest charging time and thus achieve the cheapest rates.

Tesla is considering offering a complete "energy package" to its customers, which would include a photovoltaic solar system, battery storage for home, and charging for their electric vehicle,  using 100% renewable energy.

Tesla goes far and beyond just making amazing cars. Tesla's Mission is to help expedite the shift from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy towards a solar electric economy. And the company is charging forward confidently in this direction.

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