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Tesla Roadrunner Project at Kato Road Is World’s Most Advanced Battery Line

Tesla Roadrunner Project at Kato Road Is World’s Most Advanced Battery Line

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For months now, the Tesla community has known that the company has a pilot battery production line in Fremont at 47700 Kato Road. At Battery Day on September 22, Elon Musk and Drew Baglino shared some details about it.

Tesla announced that its Roadrunner pilot line will be capable of producing about 10 GWh of batteries per year by 2021. But what does that really mean? In reality, it means that Tesla's production line is the largest battery production line in the world, but this is only one experimental line and only the beginning for Tesla.

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence notes that Roadrunner's 10 GWh capacity effectively makes it the 13th largest battery manufacturing facility in the world.

Source: Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

The baseline projection is that Tesla will self-produce about 10 GWh of batteries in 2021, 100 GWh around 2022, and 3,000 GWh (3 TWh) by 2030. This is a gargantuan plan that will immensely grow and enhance its prospects. Tesla plans to build a battery factory in Giga Berlin in 2021, which is likely to be a significant asset towards the 2022 target.


Source: Tesla

But we go further. If we consider a scenario with an average of 100 kWh per battery, 3 TWh will be enough for the production of 30 million vehicles per year. This is potentially a third of the entire global car market in 2030. It should be noted that, even if the battery is more than 100 kWh, extremely large production volume will be possible. Importantly, this also means that Tesla will not only be able to expand its manufacturing capabilities, but also sell batteries to competitors and/or partners.

Tesla's battery production line is the most advanced in the world. Using new technologies, the company has achieved a production line capable of producing 10 GWh of batteries in a building with a total area of ​​only 184,880 sq ft. This is truly an incredible feat, and should not be underestimated.

Source: Tesmanian

Simply put, we see that Tesla is able to produce the highest quality and cheapest battery cells ever. Because of the company’s next-level engineering and manufacturing feats, Tesla will now be able to fully realize an affordable electric vehicle at scale. And this is what it will take to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

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